Weekend Update

I always like to reflect back on the weekend on Monday. It makes me a little down because I always think of the things I could do with all that time if I didn't have to work.  But, I make it through each week and really like it when I can look back and say I did something in those two glorious days.

This weekend we managed to move a couple of rooms around.  I got some quality television watching in and cleared some stuff off the DVR.  I am still trying to catch up on AMC's The Killing.  I don't like to be interrupted when I watch it and that is kind of hard to do sometimes.

Friday, after work I HAD to make a trip to Hastings to look for some biblemarkers.  Not that I am marking a bible and not that they are actual markers.  They are these awesome colored pencils that work great for my school books because they don't bleed through!  Perfect for any book. 

I had a set and for the life of me could not find them at all.  I knew where they had been but not where I had put them after cleaning!  I only had a pink one and well I was getting a bit bored with pink.  So, off I went and managed to find them and the new issue of Stitch.  Once I got home, I was so frustrated with my hair blowing all over, that I had to clip it down and went to get my bobby pins and there in my basket was my set of biblemarkers.  The absolute last place I would have looked.  Crazy how that happens.  So, now I have stashed my new set in my desk, where they should be and hopefully I won't have to make a third purchase.

Crafting wise, I managed to finish two (three) projects!  I know, for a couple of months of completing next to nothing, I finally have some FO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how excited it makes me. 

I also discovered that I have more cotton yarn that I could ever possibly use.  This is full of cotton yarn.

All six bins are stuffed with cotton yarn.  Variegated, solids, scraps, all cotton all full.  It is crazy! (I have another one of these cubes with all my other yarns, oh and a deep dresser drawer stuffed and two baskets!)

These are the yarn guardians

They seem to be doing a fine job, no yarn has gone missing!

And this is a glimpse of my OCD list/task tracking

I cannot tell you how much I love Excel!


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