Weekend Update

I was lamenting last night how fast really great weekends seem to come to an end.  I don't know that this past weekend was the best I've ever had, but it was pretty enjoyable and relaxing.

It started off pretty different than most for me.  On Friday night, a friend and I went to see Something Borrowed.  I am usually an "in-for-the-night" kind of girl on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  So for me to go to a movie is something you want to document on a calendar (and it just so happens I did).  The movie was not even on my radar.  Most movies aren't these days as I have a hard time really sitting still.  I don't much care for Kate Hudson's acting and after watching this, I still don't.  But the movie was really cute and Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely adorable and beautiful.  Colin Egglesfield I had seen on All My Children and Melrose Place 2.0.  He is not a bad actor, and he is not at all hard to look at!  He reminds me of a really nice young Tom Cruise (back before he was all batshit crazy).  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves romantic comedies and are looking for a light-hearted Sunday afternoon stay at home in your pajamas sort of movie.  Totally worth my time and the $6 ticket price (the $6 kiddie combo popcorn treat was good too).  After the movie we stopped and had a drink and then it was time for me to get home and get to bed.

Saturday started with some knitting and reading while I waited for my mom.  Once she was done, we headed out to May Fair, a local trade fair that happens every Mother's Day weekend.  I look forward to it every year.  It is not often that we purchase things, but sometimes we do.  This year, we went and looked, got some free light bulbs and then left.  Later we would return to purchase Miche big bags.

 I am totally in love with the cover I picked out.  It was on the sale rack and I call it my Penguins cover.  It is such a beautiful bright golden tone with the black trim, it totally captures me right now.  After the fair, it was a quick trip to the mall to look at the book sale and Mom wanted to look for some clothes.  I was so proud of her for getting something for her for a change.  I was pretty proud of myself for not buying anything!  After all of that it was time for lunch and a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  Then it was time to come home for a nice afternoon nap. 

I have been in somewhat of a crafting funk of late.  I just haven't been able to concentrate on much of anything. I have three projects in progress (all crochet) and I just can't seem to want to focus on any one of them.  So, I spent a good portion of Saturday night lamenting on what I should be working on, to the point that I did one row of each project.  Ugh!  Fail!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was up bright and early to share the day with Mom.  I gave her the package from the boys and I.  She seems to like every thing.  Some pajamas, a sun hat, a kneeler and a cool towel.  I usually get her gardening/yard stuff, but the weather has been less than cooperative (I am quite sure as I sit here writing that it is snowing on the Ridge), so I went with some general stuff.  Who can't use new shortie pajamas?  And yes when I purchased them, I got myself something too.   She went with me to Staples.  I needed my new knitting book spiral bound so that it is easier to use. 

I also had to pick up a few items so the wait was spent shopping and browsing at one of my most favorite stores.

I finally settled on a project to work on Sunday afternoon and got some Happy Feet and Harmony needles out to work on this...

I put it down for a little while so I could work on some of this...

 and then later, so I could do some of this...

And that was pretty much my weekend.  Today it was back to work, with a new schedule (7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) and from day one, I think I am going to really like these hours much better!  After a short, but expensive trip to the store, I came home and did this...

and won absolutely none of this $$$!  Oh well, it is for entertainment purposes right?


Heather said…
Nice to spend mother's day with your mom. This year I had to settle for calling her.

Curious to see what that project is with the purple yarn.

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