Weekend Update 5-30-11

My last weekend update for May! In just two days, June will be here and summer will officially arrive just 20 days after that. Which means that in Montana, a month later in July, we will have summer. Yes, we are still suffering from winter like conditions. Right now it is a steady drizzle of rain, but just a few miles up the mountain and it is very much white snow. It was as expected as the carnival was here this weekend and there has not been a carnival here where it has not rained in over 20 years that I can remember. Of course, I was just a wee little one then. Okay, so I was somewhere around 15, but you always know what the weather will be like by just looking at the carny schedule.

Onto the weekend… Mine officially began on Friday, well Thursday at 3:00 p.m. mountain time. I enjoyed a nice relaxing massage on Thursday evening and then kind of lazed around the house finishing a book that night. Friday we were up bright and early and set out for Missoula around 8:00 stopping first to get the all-important coffee. The ride was lovely, no construction, not a lot of traffic, really sunny and pretty. I was able to stay on cruise control for 116 miles of the trip (it is only 120 miles to Missoula). We got into town and stopped at Joann's first, where I thought I would spend a ton of money and time. I think my trip to the restroom was longer than the browsing portion of the trip and in the end all I bought was a coffee cup cuff. After that it was time to stop at the mall. I used to think the mall in Missoula was huge! It's not. We went to three stores and came out with a pair of sunglasses and a pair of earrings. Then I drove us around the mall parking lot because I could not figure out where Bed Bath & Beyond was. Found it in the back of the mall lot. We didn't go, I just had to know where it was. Next we stopped in at Jaker's for a nice hearty lunch before hitting Reserve street. Once on Reserve, we stopped at Target and left with nothing. Then it was time for Michael's. I found lots of stuff that I wanted but didn't need. Mom found a terrarium jar and a banner for her front yard. I ventured outside where it was cool while she paid. Then we went to Petsmart to look for some stuff for the boys. We left there with two hoofies and some fish food. This trip was turning into a bust! So far, we had spent more on gas to get here. After that it was time to go to Barnes & Noble. Surely I could spend some money here. I looked at craft books, finding just a couple on my list. I was quickly able to cross one off because there was nothing in that book that appealed to me. I did fall in love with another but realized that it was unlikely I could find comparable supplies in my area, so I put it back. Then I checked the cookbooks and was disappointed that the one I really wanted to look at was all wrapped up! I searched for magazines but in the end I kept all my money. By this time, Mom was really wanting to gamble, so we quickly and I mean quickly ran into Home Depot and then went and did some gambling. After that and coming out with a little money we went to Cara's a nursery that was quite beautiful. We didn't buy anything because apparently there was nothing there that really grabbed Mom. So, after thinking about it, I returned to Michael's and purchased some really lovely yarn with a project in mind. I hope to start that sometime this summer. Then it was time to get gas and head home. We got home just before six o'clock and boy was I tired and achy. I had twisted my back and pulled something on my left side at the mall and my feet were just so sore. I sat up long enough to eat some dinner and then I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes for a while. I may have slept for five or ten minutes, but mostly I just laid there with my eyes closed. I did buy the next Prey novel, Mind Prey and read a couple of pages. My ankle was wrapped for most of the night.

Saturday was a usual errand day. Groceries (not many), medicine, boy treats at Wal-Mart. A look in Joann's for some marbles. While there, I picked up some pattern tracing paper and a couple of Simplicity patterns ($1 each?!? Yes!). Ran to an indoor gardening center and Mom was able to get some charcoal and moss for her terrarium. We had lunch as SoHo and it was delicious. Then off to the Petunia Factory so that the gardener could get some flowers. Then it was pretty much a lazy day of napping and reading for me. I did start another project. I have starteritis something fierce.

Sunday is never a stay-at-home day anymore. I drug my butt out of bed and read the newspaper and then ran to Kmart to look at televisions. A few weeks ago we rearranged a few things and I moved my t.v. out of my studio and into the living room, replacing the old sad behemoth that was in there. After discussions, it was decided that this arrangement, while working fine, was not ideal and I so wanted to get back into my studio in hopes of being more productive. So, they had a 32" on sale and well we bought it. Also picked up some curtains so that I could get that icky old blind down and introduce some bright, yet muted light in the space.
A little rearranging and a few hours later, my studio was done and I settled in for a nap! A quick one hour nap (would have been longer but the volume on the t.v. jumped and I was thrust into the world of Nascar racing. I quickly escaped). After that it was pretty much a night of channel flipping and reading. I did watch the final game of the Memorial Cup and the last fifteen minutes or so of the President's Cup. Then it was time for me to crawl into bed.

Today I have been a little productive. I took my second Module 4 test and got a 100% and I have been working on my Happy Feet project, so I will have pictures for Wednesday. Just waiting for my Nook to charge and then I plan on reading. But first, I think I am going to catch up on some DVR.

Happy Memorial Day


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