T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 2

Here are my thoughts on some more season finales…

OMG! I am so mad at Chin. I don’t even want to look at photos with him in them, that is how mad I am. He just seemingly turned his back on Five-O! Even his own cousin he just left her hanging there. And to arrest Steve?!? After Steve was the one who believed in him and gave him a second chance? And doesn’t it seem a little odd that the HPD would just be all like “Here, we effed up, so to make it up to you we are giving you this sweet promotion and raise. Oh and can you start today and arrest your boss?” That seemed kind of like something a newbie writer would do to move a character into a better position. What was Rachel’s rush to get out of town? Surely she could have stayed at Danny’s place or even a hotel for a few days or I don’t know a month or two while Danny wrapped things up. I am so sad that Martha Logan Governor Jameson was whacked. I would have liked to have had them flesh that out a bit more, her relationship with Wo Fat. It should be interesting to see how they get Five-O back together, because you know they have to, otherwise they have to change the show’s title.

Am I the only person who had absolutely no respect for Montgomery at the end? I mean really, he just sat there and let them do all this looking, where had he balled up, maybe he could have helped more. The episode was a little blah for me. There wasn’t any Castle wit. It was a very heavy episode. And it didn’t really end with a cliffy. I mean, honestly you know that Beckett will survive. I am sure that Josh will operate on her and she will recover and set out on a season long (hopefully not longer) quest to find out who shot her at a funeral of all places. And of course they have to deal with that confession of love. I heart Rick Castle.

So the big question is, who’s photo is in the folder?!? A lot of people are speculating that it is Vance, but for some reason I think it is EJ. She did say she was sticking around D.C. and she did take that chip out of Levin’s arm. I can’t imagine it being one of the core characters. I could be wrong though. NCIS has a way of changing it up at the last minute. All reports indicated that the new SecNav will have an increased presence next season. I imagine that would me more Vance as well. I hope not. I don’t like him. Did anyone else think that Cobb was going to shoot Jimmy Palmer when the agents surrounded him? I didn’t expect him to go out the window. I seriously thought he was gong to shoot Jimmy. That would have been shocking I think and sad. I have read that we will find out who is in the folder in the season premiere. That could always change though.

How much do you love it when Booth & Bones go undercover as Buck and Wanda?!? And Max!!!! I kept wondering where the hell that little girl’s parents were. Then I realized that they probably relished in the peace and quiet at their house while she was out bowling. My god she was a little witch. This was such a light hearted episode after Vince’s death. It was a nice and happy season finale. I knew that Hodgella’s baby would not be blind. They wouldn’t do that. Can anyone else picture Hodgins’ with a Baby Bjorn on with little Michael strapped in with goggles on? And Bones is preggers?!? It doesn’t come as a huge shock since Emily Deschanel is pregnant in real life. I am kind of happy that they didn’t show the whole Booth & Bones doing it. They left it to our sick little minds to reconstruct. I think it will be a fun season to see how her and Booth will deal with this little bump (pun intended).

No big surprise that Craig was the mole. He was always involved at just the right times. Plus he was expendable. And he was just too pretty for Grace. Do you really believe that Bradley Whitford is/was Red John? I think that they wrapped that story up too soon. I really didn’t think that Patrick had shot him. I thought that it was going to be Bertram. Not that I was too surprised. I hope that next season is not all about a long drawn out trial. I do not like legal drama. I admit that in the last weeks, I had pretty much tuned out. I just couldn’t stay focused, there seemed to be lacking that humor. Plus that large tubby guy is just super creepy. I don’t know if this means that Hightower will be back in the chief’s seat or not. His job is pretty much done. He was supposed to figure out who did it and he didn’t. The team figured it out…as expected. I might be passing on this show next season as it goes up against the new Prime Suspect and I fully intend to give that show a shot at joining my lineup.

I get that it is hard to follow up last season’s shootout, but did they have to go completely opposite and give us a snooze fest? This was so boring. Of course Kepner would get Chief Resident. Nobody can stand her and nobody is going to listen to her. She seemed to win by default as everyone ruined their own chances. Why didn’t Meredith text Derek? I think that he might have come home had he known that little Zola was there. I sort of expect Christina to keep the baby. I don’t know why, but this is the second time they have visited this story with her. You would think that there would have been some comment on how it would have been just a little bit harder to get pregnant being that she only has one tube. Or do the writers not remember that they did this to her when she was with Burke?!? And I am so freaking mad at Mark for giving Avery Lexie! He has to fight for her. Lexie and Avery do not belong together. Very frustrating on that front. And Alex, thank you for not inviting Lucy to stay. I don’t really like her. She doesn’t seem strong enough to be one of the doctors.

Nobody expected them to win Nationals right? I mean what would there be to strive for next year? I wasn’t really into the episode that much. I liked their two original songs and was happy that it ended happily, but other than that it wasn’t really hitting any of my targets. I am hoping that the writers are working on an episode where they do Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory. I think that would be a great song for them.

Well that pretty much wraps up this viewing season. The summer holds only a handful of shows for me and they don’t start until late June or Mid July. On my list this year are:

• So You Think You Can Dance
• Covert Affairs
• Rookie Blue
• Rizzoli & Isles
• Warehouse 13
• The Closer (iffy)

Stay tuned…


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