T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to Television Tuesday, my new feature. I thought that I would start by recapping a couple of season finales each week to get us through until some summer programming starts. As previews start coming out for the new fall shows, I will start giving my thoughts and predictions.

So, let’s begin.

The Vampire Diaries

I really didn’t hold out much for this episode as so many big things happened in the previous episode (Jenna and John dying, Damon’s werewolf bite, Elijah actually not killing Klaus). As expected, we saw Damon suffering from that fatal werewolf bite and seeking forgiveness from Elena. Stefan, wanting to save his brother, tracked down Klaus (who had staked his brother Elijah and “reuniting” him with their family) to find a cure. The Sheriff was hell bent on tracking down Damon. As she found them, Damon turned to see her getting ready to shoot him, he quickly moved and Jeremy took a bullet to the chest. As he lay dead on the floor, Caroline tried to “save” him by offering her blood, much to her mother’s horror. Bonnie had Alaric take him to the special witch’s spot where she summed the powers and Emily to resurrect Jeremy. It worked and he went home to rest and recuperate. He and Bonnie shared a tender Skype moment, before he fell asleep. Alaric decided to stay over on the couch. Stefan found the cure for Damon, Klaus’ blood. But in order to get it, Stefan had to agree to go on a world wide “Ripper” tour with Klaus, where in effect he would just kill randoms at Klaus’ will. He guzzled probably five gallons of blood and Klaus gave Katherine the cure. Stefan was fearful that she would not take it to Damon, but old Kat turned up on his bedroom doorstep just in the nick of time. I thought that would be the cliffhanger, Damon’s fate, but the writers had something else in mind. Jeremy awakes to some “sounds”, heads downstairs to see Alaric asleep on the couch and then ventures into the kitchen where he sees his ex-girlfriend Anna (a vampire who died) and then turns to see his other ex-girlfriend Vicki (who is also a dead vampire) and that is how it ends.

So, what is going to happen to Stefan is one of the big questions, but my question is, does Jeremy now have supernatural inclinations because of Bonnie’s meddling with the witches? I really like Steven R. McQueen and would love to see Jer more next season. I think next year’s theme is “Season of the Originals” or something to that effect, so I am anticipating a lot of boring old flashbacks. Hoping that there is plenty of Damon snarkyness though.

CSI: New York

What an absolute bore of an hour and a waste of a season finale spot. This seemed like a really lackluster regular season episode, not a season finale. It begins with Mac being a Gloomy Gus after staring down a bad guy. He starts to question his place in the lab and decides that he needs to clear the last cold file that is on his desk. So off to the evidence locker they go and start looking for new clues. A coin purse leads them to a missing girl’s mother, who was a deadbeat drunk mom back in the day. Her daughter went to the bodega for some aspirin and ends up in the middle of a robbery, the bad guys take her and through flashbacks and the story of a quickly captured bad guy, we learn that one of them wanted to get rid of her and the other sent him packing. They decide that their only way to track this missing bad guy is to put out a sample of his writing to the media in hopes that someone, somewhere will recognize it. And wouldn’t you know it, someone does and they track him to some place in the south and the lady just can’t believe that he kidnapped the little girl. She mentions that the girl has a heart problem and just happens to have some of her medication lying around in a cupboard. Using that and the first name Maddy, Lindsay tracks them down in some other southern town. A standoff ensues and the bad guy dies in front of the girl. She is reunited with her mom and the show ends with Mac just happily looking around at all the lab activity.

Where do I begin? I feel like I wasted an hour, thankfully I had one to waste. I understand that they didn’t know if they were going to be picked up or not and so they had to bring some sort of closure, but this was not worthy of a season finale let alone a possible series finale. They have, since, been picked up for another season. I hope the writers think long and hard about what they can do to end this show better next season. I like Sela Ward, I think she is a much better actress and character than Melina Kanakaredes was. I would love to see more with her and her ex, played by David James Elliott (he is wasted not headlining a series). If I had something else to watch on Friday nights, I would have totally kicked this series to the curb they way I did with CSI Miami and CSI.

Blue Bloods

The episode picks up with the end of the last episode, Jamie is telling Danny about some his investigation into the Blue Templars. The rest of the family is gathered, minus Linda and the kids and Jamie lays out his “investigation”, near misses, and how, the departed brother Joe, was investigating them and they killed him. The episode then turns into a journey of tracking down members of the secret society and bringing them to justice. There is a close call with Danny’s partner Jackie, as she is run off the road, but in the end, they find the society members meeting to divvy up some stolen drug money. Police Chief Regan, demands to know who killed his son and it appears that it was ring leader, Sonny Malevsky, who decides that he is not going to jail and kills himself.

Here is my problem with the finale. They decided to dedicate the entire episode around a season long story that they basically dropped five episodes in. From the beginning it seemed as though, the season would revolve around this investigation and it would be the focus of the year if not the series. So, I was pretty happy when they seemingly dropped the story and focused more on individual crimes and some family stuff. I was awfully surprised when, out of nowhere they brought it back and centered the finale around it. I was a loose end, that instead of just being snipped, or retweeked, they decided to tie it up in one hour. And while I am happy to have it done (I don’t much care for Will Estes’ character), I feel let down. There was a lot of intrigue they could have done with the story. I think I read that Tom Selleck had a disagreement with The Powers That Be on how he wanted the show to be more focused on the family dynamic than they cop drama. So, that explains where things went wrong. I just think that they should have totally dropped it and never mention it again, than do this sort of craptacular wrap-up.

Next time I will give the summary and thoughts on Hawaii Five-O, Castle, & NCIS.


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