Tuesday, May 31, 2011

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 2

Here are my thoughts on some more season finales…

OMG! I am so mad at Chin. I don’t even want to look at photos with him in them, that is how mad I am. He just seemingly turned his back on Five-O! Even his own cousin he just left her hanging there. And to arrest Steve?!? After Steve was the one who believed in him and gave him a second chance? And doesn’t it seem a little odd that the HPD would just be all like “Here, we effed up, so to make it up to you we are giving you this sweet promotion and raise. Oh and can you start today and arrest your boss?” That seemed kind of like something a newbie writer would do to move a character into a better position. What was Rachel’s rush to get out of town? Surely she could have stayed at Danny’s place or even a hotel for a few days or I don’t know a month or two while Danny wrapped things up. I am so sad that Martha Logan Governor Jameson was whacked. I would have liked to have had them flesh that out a bit more, her relationship with Wo Fat. It should be interesting to see how they get Five-O back together, because you know they have to, otherwise they have to change the show’s title.

Am I the only person who had absolutely no respect for Montgomery at the end? I mean really, he just sat there and let them do all this looking, where had he balled up, maybe he could have helped more. The episode was a little blah for me. There wasn’t any Castle wit. It was a very heavy episode. And it didn’t really end with a cliffy. I mean, honestly you know that Beckett will survive. I am sure that Josh will operate on her and she will recover and set out on a season long (hopefully not longer) quest to find out who shot her at a funeral of all places. And of course they have to deal with that confession of love. I heart Rick Castle.

So the big question is, who’s photo is in the folder?!? A lot of people are speculating that it is Vance, but for some reason I think it is EJ. She did say she was sticking around D.C. and she did take that chip out of Levin’s arm. I can’t imagine it being one of the core characters. I could be wrong though. NCIS has a way of changing it up at the last minute. All reports indicated that the new SecNav will have an increased presence next season. I imagine that would me more Vance as well. I hope not. I don’t like him. Did anyone else think that Cobb was going to shoot Jimmy Palmer when the agents surrounded him? I didn’t expect him to go out the window. I seriously thought he was gong to shoot Jimmy. That would have been shocking I think and sad. I have read that we will find out who is in the folder in the season premiere. That could always change though.

How much do you love it when Booth & Bones go undercover as Buck and Wanda?!? And Max!!!! I kept wondering where the hell that little girl’s parents were. Then I realized that they probably relished in the peace and quiet at their house while she was out bowling. My god she was a little witch. This was such a light hearted episode after Vince’s death. It was a nice and happy season finale. I knew that Hodgella’s baby would not be blind. They wouldn’t do that. Can anyone else picture Hodgins’ with a Baby Bjorn on with little Michael strapped in with goggles on? And Bones is preggers?!? It doesn’t come as a huge shock since Emily Deschanel is pregnant in real life. I am kind of happy that they didn’t show the whole Booth & Bones doing it. They left it to our sick little minds to reconstruct. I think it will be a fun season to see how her and Booth will deal with this little bump (pun intended).

No big surprise that Craig was the mole. He was always involved at just the right times. Plus he was expendable. And he was just too pretty for Grace. Do you really believe that Bradley Whitford is/was Red John? I think that they wrapped that story up too soon. I really didn’t think that Patrick had shot him. I thought that it was going to be Bertram. Not that I was too surprised. I hope that next season is not all about a long drawn out trial. I do not like legal drama. I admit that in the last weeks, I had pretty much tuned out. I just couldn’t stay focused, there seemed to be lacking that humor. Plus that large tubby guy is just super creepy. I don’t know if this means that Hightower will be back in the chief’s seat or not. His job is pretty much done. He was supposed to figure out who did it and he didn’t. The team figured it out…as expected. I might be passing on this show next season as it goes up against the new Prime Suspect and I fully intend to give that show a shot at joining my lineup.

I get that it is hard to follow up last season’s shootout, but did they have to go completely opposite and give us a snooze fest? This was so boring. Of course Kepner would get Chief Resident. Nobody can stand her and nobody is going to listen to her. She seemed to win by default as everyone ruined their own chances. Why didn’t Meredith text Derek? I think that he might have come home had he known that little Zola was there. I sort of expect Christina to keep the baby. I don’t know why, but this is the second time they have visited this story with her. You would think that there would have been some comment on how it would have been just a little bit harder to get pregnant being that she only has one tube. Or do the writers not remember that they did this to her when she was with Burke?!? And I am so freaking mad at Mark for giving Avery Lexie! He has to fight for her. Lexie and Avery do not belong together. Very frustrating on that front. And Alex, thank you for not inviting Lucy to stay. I don’t really like her. She doesn’t seem strong enough to be one of the doctors.

Nobody expected them to win Nationals right? I mean what would there be to strive for next year? I wasn’t really into the episode that much. I liked their two original songs and was happy that it ended happily, but other than that it wasn’t really hitting any of my targets. I am hoping that the writers are working on an episode where they do Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory. I think that would be a great song for them.

Well that pretty much wraps up this viewing season. The summer holds only a handful of shows for me and they don’t start until late June or Mid July. On my list this year are:

• So You Think You Can Dance
• Covert Affairs
• Rookie Blue
• Rizzoli & Isles
• Warehouse 13
• The Closer (iffy)

Stay tuned…

Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Update 5-30-11

My last weekend update for May! In just two days, June will be here and summer will officially arrive just 20 days after that. Which means that in Montana, a month later in July, we will have summer. Yes, we are still suffering from winter like conditions. Right now it is a steady drizzle of rain, but just a few miles up the mountain and it is very much white snow. It was as expected as the carnival was here this weekend and there has not been a carnival here where it has not rained in over 20 years that I can remember. Of course, I was just a wee little one then. Okay, so I was somewhere around 15, but you always know what the weather will be like by just looking at the carny schedule.

Onto the weekend… Mine officially began on Friday, well Thursday at 3:00 p.m. mountain time. I enjoyed a nice relaxing massage on Thursday evening and then kind of lazed around the house finishing a book that night. Friday we were up bright and early and set out for Missoula around 8:00 stopping first to get the all-important coffee. The ride was lovely, no construction, not a lot of traffic, really sunny and pretty. I was able to stay on cruise control for 116 miles of the trip (it is only 120 miles to Missoula). We got into town and stopped at Joann's first, where I thought I would spend a ton of money and time. I think my trip to the restroom was longer than the browsing portion of the trip and in the end all I bought was a coffee cup cuff. After that it was time to stop at the mall. I used to think the mall in Missoula was huge! It's not. We went to three stores and came out with a pair of sunglasses and a pair of earrings. Then I drove us around the mall parking lot because I could not figure out where Bed Bath & Beyond was. Found it in the back of the mall lot. We didn't go, I just had to know where it was. Next we stopped in at Jaker's for a nice hearty lunch before hitting Reserve street. Once on Reserve, we stopped at Target and left with nothing. Then it was time for Michael's. I found lots of stuff that I wanted but didn't need. Mom found a terrarium jar and a banner for her front yard. I ventured outside where it was cool while she paid. Then we went to Petsmart to look for some stuff for the boys. We left there with two hoofies and some fish food. This trip was turning into a bust! So far, we had spent more on gas to get here. After that it was time to go to Barnes & Noble. Surely I could spend some money here. I looked at craft books, finding just a couple on my list. I was quickly able to cross one off because there was nothing in that book that appealed to me. I did fall in love with another but realized that it was unlikely I could find comparable supplies in my area, so I put it back. Then I checked the cookbooks and was disappointed that the one I really wanted to look at was all wrapped up! I searched for magazines but in the end I kept all my money. By this time, Mom was really wanting to gamble, so we quickly and I mean quickly ran into Home Depot and then went and did some gambling. After that and coming out with a little money we went to Cara's a nursery that was quite beautiful. We didn't buy anything because apparently there was nothing there that really grabbed Mom. So, after thinking about it, I returned to Michael's and purchased some really lovely yarn with a project in mind. I hope to start that sometime this summer. Then it was time to get gas and head home. We got home just before six o'clock and boy was I tired and achy. I had twisted my back and pulled something on my left side at the mall and my feet were just so sore. I sat up long enough to eat some dinner and then I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes for a while. I may have slept for five or ten minutes, but mostly I just laid there with my eyes closed. I did buy the next Prey novel, Mind Prey and read a couple of pages. My ankle was wrapped for most of the night.

Saturday was a usual errand day. Groceries (not many), medicine, boy treats at Wal-Mart. A look in Joann's for some marbles. While there, I picked up some pattern tracing paper and a couple of Simplicity patterns ($1 each?!? Yes!). Ran to an indoor gardening center and Mom was able to get some charcoal and moss for her terrarium. We had lunch as SoHo and it was delicious. Then off to the Petunia Factory so that the gardener could get some flowers. Then it was pretty much a lazy day of napping and reading for me. I did start another project. I have starteritis something fierce.

Sunday is never a stay-at-home day anymore. I drug my butt out of bed and read the newspaper and then ran to Kmart to look at televisions. A few weeks ago we rearranged a few things and I moved my t.v. out of my studio and into the living room, replacing the old sad behemoth that was in there. After discussions, it was decided that this arrangement, while working fine, was not ideal and I so wanted to get back into my studio in hopes of being more productive. So, they had a 32" on sale and well we bought it. Also picked up some curtains so that I could get that icky old blind down and introduce some bright, yet muted light in the space.
A little rearranging and a few hours later, my studio was done and I settled in for a nap! A quick one hour nap (would have been longer but the volume on the t.v. jumped and I was thrust into the world of Nascar racing. I quickly escaped). After that it was pretty much a night of channel flipping and reading. I did watch the final game of the Memorial Cup and the last fifteen minutes or so of the President's Cup. Then it was time for me to crawl into bed.

Today I have been a little productive. I took my second Module 4 test and got a 100% and I have been working on my Happy Feet project, so I will have pictures for Wednesday. Just waiting for my Nook to charge and then I plan on reading. But first, I think I am going to catch up on some DVR.

Happy Memorial Day

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday Fill Ins: Volume 1 Issue 3

 (I am pre-dating this and posting early because I have a day trip planned tomorrow!)

1. This week I made it through four work days to get to a four day weekend.

2. Can't wait until the regular t.v. viewing returns.

3. It's all about happiness and love.

4. It would be nice to have one day in the sun.

5. I demand that the snow fall comes to a halt.

6. My dream path, it's filled with family, good friends, good music and lots of fun.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to reflecting on today's road trip, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to finish my book!

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Thursday 13: V2 I3

Thirteen Random Things on My Desk

  1. NHL Ruler
  2. Kodak Camera
  3. Dishcloth
  4. Energy Bracelet
  5. Monster Magnet
  6. iPod Shuffle
  7. Glucose Meter
  8. Smurfs
  9. Family Photos
  10. WaddlesWorth Penguin
  11. Fingernail Polish
  12. Wooden Monkey
  13. Dental Floss
Join the fun at Thursday 13!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WiP Wednesday: V1 I3

Can you believe that in one week it will be June 1st?  A whole new month, a clean slate, thirty days to do something amazing.  Can't wait.

Here's what has been going on the past week...

When I got home from work on Monday, I got to wear these fab things around the house.  We had the carpets cleaned and they were still a bit damp.  Even though the main living area was pretty much dry, I just didn't want to take them off.

On Sunday I...

...started a baby hat to match the booties I made over the weekend.  This is as far as I have gotten.  I put it aside when I felt guilty about not working on this... I did a few more rows and now it looks like this...

Next week I hope to have a bigger chunk to show you and finally reveal what I am working on.  Hope is the operative word. 

Part of the reason I haven't done more knitting is because I spent a chunk of my weekend working on this... new Nook Color!  It is totally fab!  I love that I can read in bed (without a light) AND check FML, Facebook and hockey scores all on the same machine!  It is a ton of fun and I can't wait for more apps to come out.  Has anyone tried the Office app?  I am interested, but would like to know more about it before I get it.

Other things I have been working on (in no particular order):

* Chapter Nine - Informants
* Work (only one more day left this week and then a road trip)
* Learning all of Lady Gaga's lyrics!  (So totally in love with her right now)
* Contemplating working out
* Resisting the urge to buy yarn (hello, Knit Picks Dishie!)
* Getting as much boy love as I can

Happy Week!  Hope that yours was great and will be great!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 1

Welcome to Television Tuesday, my new feature. I thought that I would start by recapping a couple of season finales each week to get us through until some summer programming starts. As previews start coming out for the new fall shows, I will start giving my thoughts and predictions.

So, let’s begin.

The Vampire Diaries

I really didn’t hold out much for this episode as so many big things happened in the previous episode (Jenna and John dying, Damon’s werewolf bite, Elijah actually not killing Klaus). As expected, we saw Damon suffering from that fatal werewolf bite and seeking forgiveness from Elena. Stefan, wanting to save his brother, tracked down Klaus (who had staked his brother Elijah and “reuniting” him with their family) to find a cure. The Sheriff was hell bent on tracking down Damon. As she found them, Damon turned to see her getting ready to shoot him, he quickly moved and Jeremy took a bullet to the chest. As he lay dead on the floor, Caroline tried to “save” him by offering her blood, much to her mother’s horror. Bonnie had Alaric take him to the special witch’s spot where she summed the powers and Emily to resurrect Jeremy. It worked and he went home to rest and recuperate. He and Bonnie shared a tender Skype moment, before he fell asleep. Alaric decided to stay over on the couch. Stefan found the cure for Damon, Klaus’ blood. But in order to get it, Stefan had to agree to go on a world wide “Ripper” tour with Klaus, where in effect he would just kill randoms at Klaus’ will. He guzzled probably five gallons of blood and Klaus gave Katherine the cure. Stefan was fearful that she would not take it to Damon, but old Kat turned up on his bedroom doorstep just in the nick of time. I thought that would be the cliffhanger, Damon’s fate, but the writers had something else in mind. Jeremy awakes to some “sounds”, heads downstairs to see Alaric asleep on the couch and then ventures into the kitchen where he sees his ex-girlfriend Anna (a vampire who died) and then turns to see his other ex-girlfriend Vicki (who is also a dead vampire) and that is how it ends.

So, what is going to happen to Stefan is one of the big questions, but my question is, does Jeremy now have supernatural inclinations because of Bonnie’s meddling with the witches? I really like Steven R. McQueen and would love to see Jer more next season. I think next year’s theme is “Season of the Originals” or something to that effect, so I am anticipating a lot of boring old flashbacks. Hoping that there is plenty of Damon snarkyness though.

CSI: New York

What an absolute bore of an hour and a waste of a season finale spot. This seemed like a really lackluster regular season episode, not a season finale. It begins with Mac being a Gloomy Gus after staring down a bad guy. He starts to question his place in the lab and decides that he needs to clear the last cold file that is on his desk. So off to the evidence locker they go and start looking for new clues. A coin purse leads them to a missing girl’s mother, who was a deadbeat drunk mom back in the day. Her daughter went to the bodega for some aspirin and ends up in the middle of a robbery, the bad guys take her and through flashbacks and the story of a quickly captured bad guy, we learn that one of them wanted to get rid of her and the other sent him packing. They decide that their only way to track this missing bad guy is to put out a sample of his writing to the media in hopes that someone, somewhere will recognize it. And wouldn’t you know it, someone does and they track him to some place in the south and the lady just can’t believe that he kidnapped the little girl. She mentions that the girl has a heart problem and just happens to have some of her medication lying around in a cupboard. Using that and the first name Maddy, Lindsay tracks them down in some other southern town. A standoff ensues and the bad guy dies in front of the girl. She is reunited with her mom and the show ends with Mac just happily looking around at all the lab activity.

Where do I begin? I feel like I wasted an hour, thankfully I had one to waste. I understand that they didn’t know if they were going to be picked up or not and so they had to bring some sort of closure, but this was not worthy of a season finale let alone a possible series finale. They have, since, been picked up for another season. I hope the writers think long and hard about what they can do to end this show better next season. I like Sela Ward, I think she is a much better actress and character than Melina Kanakaredes was. I would love to see more with her and her ex, played by David James Elliott (he is wasted not headlining a series). If I had something else to watch on Friday nights, I would have totally kicked this series to the curb they way I did with CSI Miami and CSI.

Blue Bloods

The episode picks up with the end of the last episode, Jamie is telling Danny about some his investigation into the Blue Templars. The rest of the family is gathered, minus Linda and the kids and Jamie lays out his “investigation”, near misses, and how, the departed brother Joe, was investigating them and they killed him. The episode then turns into a journey of tracking down members of the secret society and bringing them to justice. There is a close call with Danny’s partner Jackie, as she is run off the road, but in the end, they find the society members meeting to divvy up some stolen drug money. Police Chief Regan, demands to know who killed his son and it appears that it was ring leader, Sonny Malevsky, who decides that he is not going to jail and kills himself.

Here is my problem with the finale. They decided to dedicate the entire episode around a season long story that they basically dropped five episodes in. From the beginning it seemed as though, the season would revolve around this investigation and it would be the focus of the year if not the series. So, I was pretty happy when they seemingly dropped the story and focused more on individual crimes and some family stuff. I was awfully surprised when, out of nowhere they brought it back and centered the finale around it. I was a loose end, that instead of just being snipped, or retweeked, they decided to tie it up in one hour. And while I am happy to have it done (I don’t much care for Will Estes’ character), I feel let down. There was a lot of intrigue they could have done with the story. I think I read that Tom Selleck had a disagreement with The Powers That Be on how he wanted the show to be more focused on the family dynamic than they cop drama. So, that explains where things went wrong. I just think that they should have totally dropped it and never mention it again, than do this sort of craptacular wrap-up.

Next time I will give the summary and thoughts on Hawaii Five-O, Castle, & NCIS.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update: 5-23-11

What a great weekend. I think it all started with a good dinner on Friday night and a completed project.

I worked this little mp3 pouch up pretty darn quickly (actually while watching the One Tree Hill season finale on DVR). I saw this skein (okay, two skeins) of Vanna's Choice in my acrylic stash and decided to try out this pattern to see if I liked it or not. It went fairly easily and is the perfect size for my iPod shuffle.

Had I actually put some thought into the yarn choice, I would have chosen something to complement my green shuffle. I guess I will have to make another one.

Saturday morning I got up and dressed and then did the usual run to Wal-Mart in search of an attachment for the bathtub spout to turn it into a sprayer so that Cooper can have a good bath. After no luck at Wal-Mart, went to Kmart and met a similar fate. Then a stop by the mall and I left Joann's with a 50% huge ball of Bernat cotton. It is a beautiful color and I can't wait to start making many many things out of it.

After that it was a quick stop by the office and then onto lunch at Chef's Garden before heading out to my dream store, Staples. I had some rewards to use and so I caved and bought the Nook Color. I got home, got all hooked up with WiFi and put the new update on and then loaded a couple of patterns and started to charge the little beauty.

Once the late afternoon arrived, I settled in with that same ball of Vanna and a freshly Nook Color loaded new bootie pattern and I worked up these little cuties.

This might be my new favorite bootie pattern! Kitchner graft the sole together and absolutely NO seaming! I love!

It was a late night of reading and SNL viewing. How could I pass up Justin Timberlake AND Lady Gaga?!? I couldn't so I stayed up and watched the season finale. Awesome.

On Sunday after more running around looking for an attachment that would work (didn't find one by the way), and a nice lunch, I came home and decided that the booties should have a matching something, a hat perhaps and started working on one of my favorite simple hats, the Umbilical Cord Hat. I didn't get very far before feeling guilt over not working on my Happy Feet project, so I started working on that again and got one repeat done.

After that it was time to watch some television, and not mindless either. I am almost caught up on AMC's The Killing. Very much must-watch-to-follow viewing. Then before I knew it, it was time to set the alarm and crawl into bed. But not before I waited for the release of Lady Gaga's Born This Way album. I quickly downloaded and then synced my iTouch so I could rock out at work all day! And let me tell you that it made the day that much more bearable.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Next weekend or rather, this coming weekend, will be a four day event for me as I am taking Friday off to go to Missoula (hello large Joann's, Michaels, Petsmart, Home Depot, Mall, Loopy yarn store) and then Monday is Memorial Day. I think that Mom has plans to plant some flowers, provided the weather hangs on. Until then…happy week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

WTJ: Volume 2 Issue 3

I got an early start this week, but fizzled out by the end.  I did complete a page, but first let's look at some updates...

First, the back cover. 

I added an "Apple" sticker.  Served two purposes, jazzed up the cover and got a piece of crap off my desk top...

Then I flipped to this page and well, you can see what both my head and heart screamed...

This page is towards the back and I am not a great doodler, but I tried.  I have a long ways to go, I should probably try to find an instructional video or something.

A couple of close ups

And my completed page.  I used my Crayola Twistables in the Vibrant Variety line.

And that is this week's journal update.  Join us next week to see what is new

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fill Ins - Volume 1 Issue 2

Friday Fill Ins!

1. I see that the changes I am making are making me feel better.

2. I love lottery tickets you get to scratch.

3. They begin howling after the sirens have ended.

4. I wish I had made the hour change so many years earlier.

5. This I know: If the world ends tomorrow, I will not have regretted the way I lived my life.

6. Steak: it's what's for dinner.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to surviving the "rapture", tomorrow my plans include Saturday errands, provided the world doesn't end and Sunday, I want to catch up on season finales and knit!

Join the Friday-Fill In fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday 13: V2 Issue 2

Thirteen Books on My Summer Reading List

  1. Winter Prey – John Sandford
  2. Paid In Blood – Mel Odom
  3. The Ritual Bath – Faye Kellerman
  4. In The Dark – Brian Freeman
  5. Spun by Sorcery – Barbara Bretton
  6. Alone – Lisa Gardner
  7. Night Prey – John Sandford
  8. Mind Prey – John Sandford
  9. Sudden Prey – John Sandford
  10. Secret Prey – John Sandford
  11. Certain Prey – John Sandford
  12. Swap Book – TBD
  13. Judy Moody was in a mood – Megan McDonald
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday: V1 Issue 2

Instead of showing photos (I dont' have any updated ones), I will have to tell you what I have in progress. 

Besides the stuff from last week, all pretty much still in its same state of not-doneness, I have been working on school work (2 chapters this far), Wreck This Journal (I have a couple of pages to share on Sunday (and there's still time for more), I have TWO finished projects to share on Friday, I have a new segment to share starting on Tuesday (I am in the process of writing some stuff up, right now I have at least three segments in the early stages), that pesky little thing called "a job" that actually pays my bills, and some furniture movement.

We are having our carpets cleaned on Monday, so Sunday evening I will be spending strategically moving items from my "studio" to inconspicuous locations (re: bathroom and closet).

I just finished up the NCIS swap.  It was a hit I think.  We opened our packages last night during the finale and today I shared what I got with the group as did my partner.  I have some great ideas for next year's swap (fingers crossed there will be another one), that I am really excited about and plan to get started on straight away. 

I have another swap coming due in just a couple of weeks.  A summer reading dishcloth swap (a cloth, book(s) and some other fun items/treats).  I am actually heading to the bookstore in just a little bit for a bit of a knit night get together with a friend.  It is not so much knitting as it is helping her finish up a baby sweater (one I have made several times).  I taught her how to knit last fall and have been her on-call teacher ever since.  She was the friend I went to the movie with a couple of weeks ago.  We are going to Hastings so that I can treat us to a foo-foo coffee.  I love their cherry Italian sodas.

So that is what is In Progress.  Tomorrow will be my re-launch of Thursday 13 (since it failed with last week's blogger outage).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Update

I always like to reflect back on the weekend on Monday. It makes me a little down because I always think of the things I could do with all that time if I didn't have to work.  But, I make it through each week and really like it when I can look back and say I did something in those two glorious days.

This weekend we managed to move a couple of rooms around.  I got some quality television watching in and cleared some stuff off the DVR.  I am still trying to catch up on AMC's The Killing.  I don't like to be interrupted when I watch it and that is kind of hard to do sometimes.

Friday, after work I HAD to make a trip to Hastings to look for some biblemarkers.  Not that I am marking a bible and not that they are actual markers.  They are these awesome colored pencils that work great for my school books because they don't bleed through!  Perfect for any book. 

I had a set and for the life of me could not find them at all.  I knew where they had been but not where I had put them after cleaning!  I only had a pink one and well I was getting a bit bored with pink.  So, off I went and managed to find them and the new issue of Stitch.  Once I got home, I was so frustrated with my hair blowing all over, that I had to clip it down and went to get my bobby pins and there in my basket was my set of biblemarkers.  The absolute last place I would have looked.  Crazy how that happens.  So, now I have stashed my new set in my desk, where they should be and hopefully I won't have to make a third purchase.

Crafting wise, I managed to finish two (three) projects!  I know, for a couple of months of completing next to nothing, I finally have some FO's!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how excited it makes me. 

I also discovered that I have more cotton yarn that I could ever possibly use.  This is full of cotton yarn.

All six bins are stuffed with cotton yarn.  Variegated, solids, scraps, all cotton all full.  It is crazy! (I have another one of these cubes with all my other yarns, oh and a deep dresser drawer stuffed and two baskets!)

These are the yarn guardians

They seem to be doing a fine job, no yarn has gone missing!

And this is a glimpse of my OCD list/task tracking

I cannot tell you how much I love Excel!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

WTJ: Volume 2 Issue 2

This week I started early, thinking I would get more done and in the end, things seemed to get away from me.  Guess I am happy I started early, otherwise I might not have anything to share. 

It might not be my best work, but I am not an artist.  I have never really been the best when it comes to free handing stuff.  I am much better with a coloring book. 

In other happenings:
I hope to have some exciting project progress photos in the next few days.  I have been hard at work on getting a couple of things done.  Hoping to finish a project tonight during the third period of the Vancouver/San Jose game.  And then with any luck tomorrow and Tuesday I will be able to finish up another little project and that will make me feel so much better.  To actually have a finished project?  I almost can't remember what it feels like!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Fill Ins - Volume 1 Issue 1

1. I know not when to quit.

2. I will watch every Penguins' game if at all possible.

3. This weather has been great for having the sun-roof open.

4. Internet shopping is a problem.

5. I'm really happy I have the ability to think for myself.

6. Hockey is king, or something to that effect.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sorting yarn, tomorrow my plans include grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to watch DVR!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursday 13: Volume 2 Issue 1

Thirteen Current Obsessions

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

2. Hockey

3. Reading

4. Lists

5. Facebook

6. Season Finale Spoilers

7. Crunch n Munch

8. Colored Pens

9. Journaling

10. Lady Gaga

11. Sandals

12. Fabric

13. Baby Projects

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WIP Wednesday: V1 Issue 1

Here is another one of those nifty new features I am adding to my repertoire. Ooh, I’m using the fancy words (this is what happens when you have too much time on your hands!).

First up we have a Penguin’s Project (currently untitled)

I am not sure what it is going to turn into, but I do know that I have been slacking on making these little squares. Must get back to it. Just started to burn out a little bit so I took a break. Well that and my team lost game 7 to the Tampa Bay Lightning (who just moved into first spot on my list of “Whom-I-would-not-be-terribly-disappointed-if-they-won-the-Stanley-Cup”). Hopefully I have something more to show you next week. (so you know, I do have a few more than this made)

Next up we have what is tentatively titled Penguin Wings. I am not sure I am 100% sold on the title. It is a crocheted ripple shawl….or will be. Maybe. I am not sure that I am totally in love with the color pooling. But I am at a loss as to what to do with this yarn, as I am not a sock knitter. I am considering some fingerless gloves though. I have more than enough to probably make two shawls and four gloves! (Lesson Learned: More is not always Better)

Then we have this little ditty that I started, no pattern, just winging it. It is untitled as well. It has hopes of being a baby blanket. The drape of the yarn is so awesome. I am doing six rows of grey (or Misty Taupe) and two rows of Aqua (or Ocean Spray). It is slow going. I imagine it would go faster if I were to work more than one row every three or four days though.

Interspersed with all the crafting (or non-crafting) that I am doing, I am also working on this. I have a plan to finish this book by mid-June and get the tests all done, then one more book hopefully to finish by the end of July and I can have my certificate. This was the most logical experiment to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. No sense is spending tens of thousands of dollars working on a Master’s if you are going to burn out and resent it some three months in right?

Sunday, I started working on this and previewed it. It doesn’t look like I have completed much, and really I haven’t. It is definitely a slow going project. Fingering weight on US 2’s it slow with 100+ stitches. I want to get a few more inches done before I tell you what it is going to be. The colors are working beautifully though. It will now just go to the red/burgundy tone. The taupe is just an accent color and will be used towards the end again. I am thinking of making some taupe accessories to go with the finished piece.

I have another project on the needles, but it is buried in my travel bag and I didn’t much feel like pulling it out, but now that it is on my task radar, I will be pulling it out and will have photos next week (fingers crossed).

I feel as though I haven’t been doing much lately and I guess looking at things, I haven’t. I seem to settle in to work and then get sidetracked with either a show or reading or Crunch n Munch. Hoping thought that this small smattering of Spring we are having and my push to get some Spring cleaning done will put me in a place to get some serious crafting done. I have quite the list, just need the motivation and focus. I look forward to this journey to see what I can get done this summer.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Update

I was lamenting last night how fast really great weekends seem to come to an end.  I don't know that this past weekend was the best I've ever had, but it was pretty enjoyable and relaxing.

It started off pretty different than most for me.  On Friday night, a friend and I went to see Something Borrowed.  I am usually an "in-for-the-night" kind of girl on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  So for me to go to a movie is something you want to document on a calendar (and it just so happens I did).  The movie was not even on my radar.  Most movies aren't these days as I have a hard time really sitting still.  I don't much care for Kate Hudson's acting and after watching this, I still don't.  But the movie was really cute and Ginnifer Goodwin is absolutely adorable and beautiful.  Colin Egglesfield I had seen on All My Children and Melrose Place 2.0.  He is not a bad actor, and he is not at all hard to look at!  He reminds me of a really nice young Tom Cruise (back before he was all batshit crazy).  I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves romantic comedies and are looking for a light-hearted Sunday afternoon stay at home in your pajamas sort of movie.  Totally worth my time and the $6 ticket price (the $6 kiddie combo popcorn treat was good too).  After the movie we stopped and had a drink and then it was time for me to get home and get to bed.

Saturday started with some knitting and reading while I waited for my mom.  Once she was done, we headed out to May Fair, a local trade fair that happens every Mother's Day weekend.  I look forward to it every year.  It is not often that we purchase things, but sometimes we do.  This year, we went and looked, got some free light bulbs and then left.  Later we would return to purchase Miche big bags.

 I am totally in love with the cover I picked out.  It was on the sale rack and I call it my Penguins cover.  It is such a beautiful bright golden tone with the black trim, it totally captures me right now.  After the fair, it was a quick trip to the mall to look at the book sale and Mom wanted to look for some clothes.  I was so proud of her for getting something for her for a change.  I was pretty proud of myself for not buying anything!  After all of that it was time for lunch and a quick trip to Wal-Mart.  Then it was time to come home for a nice afternoon nap. 

I have been in somewhat of a crafting funk of late.  I just haven't been able to concentrate on much of anything. I have three projects in progress (all crochet) and I just can't seem to want to focus on any one of them.  So, I spent a good portion of Saturday night lamenting on what I should be working on, to the point that I did one row of each project.  Ugh!  Fail!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I was up bright and early to share the day with Mom.  I gave her the package from the boys and I.  She seems to like every thing.  Some pajamas, a sun hat, a kneeler and a cool towel.  I usually get her gardening/yard stuff, but the weather has been less than cooperative (I am quite sure as I sit here writing that it is snowing on the Ridge), so I went with some general stuff.  Who can't use new shortie pajamas?  And yes when I purchased them, I got myself something too.   She went with me to Staples.  I needed my new knitting book spiral bound so that it is easier to use. 

I also had to pick up a few items so the wait was spent shopping and browsing at one of my most favorite stores.

I finally settled on a project to work on Sunday afternoon and got some Happy Feet and Harmony needles out to work on this...

I put it down for a little while so I could work on some of this...

 and then later, so I could do some of this...

And that was pretty much my weekend.  Today it was back to work, with a new schedule (7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) and from day one, I think I am going to really like these hours much better!  After a short, but expensive trip to the store, I came home and did this...

and won absolutely none of this $$$!  Oh well, it is for entertainment purposes right?

Sunday, May 08, 2011

WTJ: Volume 2 Issue 1

I recently just found my Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith and decided to start in up again and share the journey with you.  Here are my most recent updates:

A new "sticker" new favorite piece of the journal

I ordered these bandages from the shop at and I just love them!  I don't often wear badages but I don't see why they can't be totally decorative statements!  So much fun.

This task seemed easy enough...that is until you actually took the pencil to the pages.  And better yet?  I use mechanical pencils...not easy.  I finally resorted to using my marking pencil in hot pink. 

And since I had the pink pencil in my hand and I randomly turned to this page...

...I traced my other hand over the one I had done some months ago.  It is interesting how HUGE my hands look. 

Well that is WTJ Sunday.  I will be back in the next day or two to post a Weekend Update.  Just a few new features I am hoping will take off.