A Procrastinator's Update

I feel like this month is vanishing right before me. It started out great, no April Fools. My sister and her family arrived on the 1st and were here until the evening of the 7th. I was able to take those days off and spend some quality time with them. It was a lovely visit and as always, was hard to say goodbye. I returned to work on the 8th and astonished myself with getting almost completely caught up! I have a small final batch to enter but should be ready to run some checks on Monday afternoon. It goes to show that with proper planning and good strong busy days, you can get a lot done and not come back to a complete disaster. Looking forward to getting things done and getting my office back on track (there is a lot of filing that did not get done before I left). But, with Sirius/XM tuned to Home Ice, I should be able to push through things at a good pace.

It feels as though I haven’t been crafting, but I have…sort of. It seems to happen a few times a year where I have a problem settling down to start a project because I have a project planned, but am waiting for an official start date. This year I have a Playoff project. I finally received the yarn for it and just printed out the pattern and got my project bag ready. Start date is Wednesday, the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoff’s first round. I am super excited to get started and considered starting early, like tomorrow night during the preview show, but that would be cheating. At least that is what Bob Errey said during today’s game versus Atlanta, when talking about the playoff beards. So, I pushed that thought aside and started to clean. But, I have been crafting. I have been making hexagons again! I put them off for so long that a few months ago when I picked it up, I made one that came out incredibly small and did not work. But, refreshing myself with the pattern, I have been cranking them out. I have over sixty now, just under a hundred or so to go. I sat down on Thursday night and weaved in the ends on the ones that have been completed. I was going to save it until the end, but decided that it is easier to spread them out and figure out a pattern and how many I really need, if they are all tidied up. It was an enjoyable two hours. I am that one person who enjoys weaving in ends. If I could master the mattress stitch, I would officially love finishing work. I am a strange bird that is for sure.

I haven’t done any sewing since the end of March. I have to cut out another pleated pouch once I pull out the iron and iron the fabric. I am thinking that I can get to that tomorrow night and get that done. Then I will be nearly finished with my May swap that is coming up. I just can’t believe how time has flown by. Today is the last day of regular season hockey, some teams are already finishing up things and heading into the off season (like Carolina and with any luck Chicago!). Three teams that I wanted to make it did, Pittsburgh, NY Rangers and Phoenix. OMG yes! I said Phoenix. It is all thanks to twitter and Paul Bissonnette. And who doesn’t love that Jovo is still playing?!?

I have photos of some knit items that I finished and a sewing project, but…I have to wait to share because they are for a friend’s birthday and I would hate to ruin the surprise. Also, I don’t have the whole present pieces yet. Soon though, hopefully this week. Then to come up with some fabulous wrapping for it all…or something easy.

Well that is about all I have. I could write more, but it is just enabling my procrastination of cleaning up my dreaded messy desk and in box. I am going to have so much paperwork to do over the weekend with payday and bills! Ugh! Need more hockey therapy.


Heather said…
personally, I would think that casting on for your project would be okay to do ahead of wednesday evening.

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