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I don't even know where we are day wise in the Playoffs.  One thing I know is that this weekend has been hugely disappointing and my first round bracket is toast.  That being said, let's stray away from hockey and talk other things.

I have been keeping my hands busy with a surprise project.  I have done a lot of work on it and there is still a lot to be done.  I can tell you that Yarn Pig is starting to resemble a Pittsburgh Penguin!  There is a load of black/gold/white in him right now.  With the other colors already in there from earlier in the year, he kind of looks like the NHL!  So many colors.

First up in January I started working on the Antique Alice in Wonderland Spats.  I worked up the wrist cuffs first and then kind of took my time doing the anklets.  When I first saw the pattern I knew I had to knit these up.  The problem was, for whom?  I didn't think I could really pull the look off, but when I looked at the pattern again and saw those high heel peep toes, I knew the person who had the shoes and the personality to rock this set...my friend Angie.  So they went on my queue list for the year.  Her birthday was this past Thursday and I did the Red Queen version...

It took me forever to find the right buttons.  I just could not find any Alice themed buttons and so I ended up making them myself.  I happened to still have a fat quarter of some fabric that I had used to line a crocheted bag I gave her last year (in red too!) and so I sat down one afternoon and covered 14 buttons.  It was quite fun actually.

This was just the starting point for the gift, I had to find something else to go in the package and so in my travels trying to find buttons I found this Japanese Alice fabric that I picked up and decided that she needed a Skip To My Lou Pleated Pouch with the coordinating fabric from the buttons!

To bring it all together, I got her the Annotated Alice book.  I then just had to hope that she enjoyed Alice In Wonderland.  I kind of figured she might because she had purchased the Johnny Depp version.  I packaged it in some sensible and usable storage...a square scrapping tote.  I love to give people stuff in usable wrapping and I didn't have time to make a bag.  I really hope that she enjoys it and I can't wait to see here rocking some leggings and her super high shoes!

I worked up another pleated pouch for a different recipient and some coordinating (sort of) coasters.  That package goes out in a few weeks (yikes!).

As of late I haven't been getting many projects done.  I spent some time flitting between hexagons and my original Playoff Project (fail!).  Finally thought I have settled on two fiber projects and have these projects waiting at my craft station

I also spent some time making myself some Penguins themed stitch markers

And this is a glimpse of what else has been taking up my time

It seems that every year right around this time, I become completely engrossed in reading and can knock out a book a week (sometimes letting things like cleaning and sleep slide a little).  I have finished two books in the past two weeks and am nearly 1/2 way through a third.  I am reading John Sandford's Prey series with lead character Lucas Davenport.  I am loving his style of writing.  Loving the realism, pace and cleverness.  I am secretly hoping that I can finish the entire series (21 books) by the end of summer!  I am sort of crazy because I HAVE to finish my school work as well.

Also coming up in May, not only is the 21st Prey book to be released but also James Patterson's 10th Anniversary, the 10th Women's Murder Club book.  That is a MUST read as well.

I also have a few other books that have been waiting for this reading fever to kick in waiting for me on the Nook as well.

I will leave you with one final photo.  The Easter Bunny made a quick stop at my house and brought me some of my most favorite snacks and some scratch lottery tickets (not pictured)

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Happy Stanley Cup Playoffs


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