The Home Stretch

 The NHL is in what they sometimes call the "home stretch".  The season is winding down and the playoff race is heating up!  My beloved Penguins are just taking each game as it comes.  They win some, they lose some.  We have lost almost as many players it seems as games.  Last Monday good news came when Sidney Crosby resumed skating and continues to improve day by day.  Today, we lost a player to suspension.  The punishment hasn't been officially handed down but nobody is naive enough to believe that a hefty suspension won't be handed out.  In light of that, I have managed to entangle myself in a war of words, something I plan to NOT repeat in the future.  Life's lessons are hard to learn and this one has taken quite a while to learn, apparently.  All this talk is a round about way of explaining the new look this blog is sporting.  It was time to say goodbye to shamrocks and hello to something more LdyPngn like.

If you fast forwarded to get to the pictures, you didn't miss much I must admit.  So here are a few things I have been working on.

Another pair of cute pants.  Such a 70's feel to them.  I heart this pair so much!

A little pair of boots to keep little feet warm

A stylish little vesty-type top

And together it makes quite the ensemble...

I have another project that I am super proud of, so proud of that it deserves its own post...tomorrow.  Stay tuned!


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