So Sad

It is such a sad time for me right now.  My beloved cpu, Emmet suffered severe brain damage sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  I took him to the doctor today and I was given the tragic news.  Words like, lost, unrecoverable, fried, toast, just shook me to my core.  I had to relay the bad news to my mom and she immediately set out to find a specialist.  I dropped Emmet off this afternoon after we spent the day together in my office.  It just breaks my heart to think of him lying alone in some cold hospital with dismembered bits and bobs around him.

We have had a great relationship for nearly four years now.  We fought once about a print driver, but we realized we were being irrational and we made up.  He assured me that he was 100% and would let me know if he didn't think he could handle the load.  He told me not to back him up that he was a stallion.  Neither of us saw this coming.  I feel like I am betraying him by being with someone else. 

His retirement was planned, he was going to go to a restful place, being passed on to someone who needed him and could give him the kind of low workload he deserved.

He took with him my photos, my music, my patterns, my life.  I just keep asking "why?"  "Why?"


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