FPS 1: Sleep-a-bye-Baby

Finished Project: Sleep-a-bye-Baby
Craft: Sewing
Materials: Flannel fabric by Jo-Ann; Fat Quarter by Jo-Ann, 1/2" Bias Tape; Coordinating Thread
Pattern Source: Simplicity 2388 view E - cut small size

Well I chose this Simplicity pattern for my first official sewing project (I have done others, but this marks my first official one).  I grabbed some flannel (what could be cozier for a baby?) from my stash and found a coordinating cotton fabric for the bunting band.  I pre-washed my fabric (something I have never done before) and set out cutting out the pieces.  I showed up to class last Tuesday ready to finish my first project.  I spent the first 20 minutes trying to figure out what the pattern was telling me to do...along side my expert instructor.  Finally we figured it out (note to potential sewers of this pattern...read both the D & E instructions all the way through first!).  Then after I did some basting (sewing things I am going to rip out!  crazy!), I settled in to apply the double fold 1/4 inch bias tape.  OMG!  Seriously who can sew something so small around curves?  Well after reading the helpful tips, the first armhole went by with ease.  The second, well that left something to be desired.  I spend a good hour trying to get that second armhole done, including nearly 1/2 an hour of trying to rip out the tiniest of stitches (I couldn't remember what stitch length was default, so I set it super small...my teacher was impressed I was able to rip out any stitches.) After that I spent a good chunk of time figuring out how to wind a bobbin on a very unfamiliar machine!  Then I had the needle threaded wrong.  Finally around 8:25 (class has to be out by 9:00) I decided that I would look at getting some 1/2" bias tape. 

My mother being the most wonderful person she is, set out on Wednesday and got me some white single fold bias tape and so after dinner, I set about getting the new bias tape applied.

After that, I decided to just keep going and I added the bunting band

And before I knew it I was ready to put it all together.  The pattern called for applying the bias tape around the "lower" portion, but I liked the softer look and opted not to fiddle with it.  (I have since found that there is a correct way of applying bias tape...I did not use that method.)

I am totally in love with making things for babies (I bet my sister is wondering why I didn't have this drive nine years ago!) and love the idea of these sleep sacks.  I think this, with the lightweight flannel is perfect for cool summer and autumn nights, or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I can't wait to find more patterns so that I can use up my ever expanding stash.


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