Down but Not Out

As if it isn't bad enough that the Pittsburgh Penguins are losing a player every game to injury, now their fans are gong down too.  I threw my back out on Saturday night and have spent most of the week either sleeping or in some medically induced haze.  I am finally feeling a bit better and as expected am probably overdoing it a bit.  I am not running down the halls doing cartwheels, but I have been moving a bit faster and bending and twisting more.

If the unyielding pain isn't enough, I have piled guilt on top of it, by missing 18 hours of work this week.  It was only a 32 hour in office week and I managed to miss more than half of it!  So very frustrating, but with the medications I was on, I thought they would much prefer me drooling all over myself at home rather than at my desk.  Figures this would be the week for mondo amounts of phone calls too.  Ugh!  Oh well, I am on the mend and have put in a full day. 

Being on the IR has meant that little has gotten done craft wise.  I though that I would have gotten so much knitting done over the days of reclining and television watching, but all I managed to do was finish an Alice anklet (that was already 3/4 of the way done to begin with) and a dishcloth.  I have a baby sweater on the needles that in all honesty should have been done last week.  I just could not concentrate for extended periods of time, so alas nothing really got done.  I need to find a way to make up for that this weekend as Monday is the last day of February and I am nowhere near being where I thought I would be at this time.  Grumble bumble!!!

I didn't even get to post a Friday Fill-In last week, but that was not due to injury but to the unexpectedness of having nearly $200 taken from my checking account via PayPal.  I received two emails on Thursday night about two charges (for the same amount) to some European vendor for some web hosting service for something or other.  I immediately changed my password and other information and filed a claim.  I felt good going to be on Thursday night thinking the problem had been resolved and my money was safe.  Little did I know that they snuck in and stole it!  I spent over an hour on the phone with them (between being on hold and talking to the representative) for them to tell me I had "won" my claim and they would be returning my money.  I had to spend the entire holiday weekend and then another three days before finally last night I was able to request my money be put back into my checking account.  Thankfully it arrived this morning and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  It was not a painful experience, just a very frustrating one as it was such a large sum of money that was taken out.  Thankfully I did not let my email go for days.  Lesson learned is that every night, no matter what I check my emails and I regularly change my passwords.

It seems as though February was a learning month with the loss of my beloved computer Emmett and all of my freaking iTunes downloads.  And then this lesson with PayPal.  Oh and then there is the lesson that it is probably not a good idea to shake your booty around the bathroom when you are somewhat prone to back spasms.  I am all for learning, but would like to do it at much less cost to my health and sanity.


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