My New Love Affairs

In late November, I found love online.  Actually I found it sitting watching television, but we hooked up via online activities, specifically QVC.  I cannot tell you how I felt the day he arrived on my door step.  It was an early Christmas gift and ever since, I have just fallen more and more in love with Keurig.

With him are the brand new K-cup carousel and my new favorite travel mug that holds the perfect amount of coffee!

I also started another love affair last week. I'm a slut, I admit it.  I am okay with that.  I have several lovers.  He arrived on Tuesday evening and I got a chance to take him for a ride on Wednesday and then again on Thursday.  He is quite smooth and is will to take things slow.  I am taking classes starting this Tuesday so that I can give him the proper attention he deserves.  He too came from online distractions shopping, at HSN.  I present Singer (we are planning a naming ceremony in a few weeks for both boys).


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