The Knotebook, The Binding Machine and an Elegant Monster

I thought I would stop in and let you know that I am going to be using Knitting Knotebook to post my fabulous projects!  I kind of forgot about it and the other day was taking a look at my dashboard and thought "hmm...that is the best place, especially if you want to use this space for every day type of writing."  So, head on over there.  There's something new!

I have been receiving many fluffy packages since Friday.  First, Friday I received my package with a new sweater/vest combo, that was promptly returned on Saturday :(.  Just didn't look right on me.  I did keep a set of Penguins onesies though for my little reborns.  So darn cute!  Then I came home and my new shoes were here!  I got the cutest pair of Croc heels.  My friends could not believe they were Crocs.  Then on Monday, my beautiful new binding machine arrived.
But, alas there were no supplies to test him out with!  I did punch a few scrap pieces of paper though and that got me through.  Then on Tuesday, the supplies arrived along with my Fashion Bug order.  I promptly had to return some pants from that order...gah they were ugly.  Right now I am just waiting on another clothes order and in February I should be receiving my game used ice sculpture from the boards used during the Winter Classic.  Yes, I did purchase used glass from a hockey game.  I am a dork like that.

I continue to come out of the bathroom each morning and find this waiting for me...

Here he is laying with Luella, my new Mommy sewn black doll I got for Christmas.  Now he just stares at me until I get up and then as soon as I am over the threshold, he is snuggled in.  Poor guy acts like an old man in the evenings.

Well that is all for now.  I will leave you with a photo of one of my favorite scenes in my bedroom.  My dancer doll, my Olivia the Elegant Monster (thanks sis!) and my scent bat (whose scent has caused extreme eye allergy reactions).


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