FP 2: Stashed Away

Finished Project: Stashed Away
Craft: Knitting
Date Began: January 2, 2010
Date Finished: January 5, 2010
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream - Sage
Needles: US 10

I wanted to get an early start on Christmas gifts for 2011 and I knew that I really wanted to make this basket for a dear friend and fill it with lots of little goodies.

I didn't read the pattern all the way through and went to start and realized I needed to knit with three strands! Really three strands?  And only on a size 10 needle?  With 100% unforgiving cotton?  Are you sure?  Yes, yes I am sure.  So off I went to wind balls from my brand new fresh cone.  That was fun.  Note to those of you wanting to do this...just buy three or four balls and knit from that.  I am sure it will be much easier.  I wound and wound my way and finally was able to get started. 

The pattern is really easy and is only a four row repeat.  To get the required 2 1/2", I needed to complete two and one half repeats.  The four sides looked kind of small and I thought, well it will still be a cute basket. 

Once I started the bottom of the basket, I thought that the whole thing was going to be one big wonky mess.  The bottom seemed huge and the sides seemed tiny.  How was this ever going to come together?  But together it came.  Once I seamed all the sides together I found out the basket was going to be much larger than I anticipated.  Oh well, more stuff to fill it with!  It needs a bit of blocking (I am just looking for the right shape to fit in there to block it around), but I am super pleased with it and I think that the recipient might just like it.


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