Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Final 2011 issue

Gosh, I haven't done one of these in forever!  It hasn't felt like I have worked on many projects for a while.  I think because I usually have a couple of things going and I have been so focused since November on just a few things.  I had two monkies to get done, a couple of swap items, and then a few weeks ago I finally found the time to cast on today's show and tell...

...and it's close to being done!  This is the gramps sweater.  I am knitting the 0-6 month size and praying that it fits!  I don't have a 0-6 month old to try it on.  This is for little Dane who was born on November 17th almost 18th!  Mommy & Daddy decided to let the gender be a surprise so it was really hard to knit for the wee one.  I scoured Ravelry for the perfect sweater for him and considered many until I saw this pattern.  I fell in love.

I am getting ready to settle in and start picking up stitches for the button band and collar then I will just have to little pockets and two little elbow patches. 

If I put the petal to the metal I might actually finish it this year!  Then I could start 2012 with just two projects on the needles.

With the new year, come many hopes for being a better this or a better that.  I hope to be a better blogger and a better crafter.  I hope to be a bit of a better person too.  This will most likely be my last post of 2011, but I plan on being here on January 1st to kick of 2012 in grand fashion.  Until then...

...I wish nothing but the best for everyone in 2012.  Remember to party responsibly and don't drink and drive.  We want everyone to enter 2012 safe and healthy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

FP: Winnie the WinterMonster & Merry Chunkmas

Finished Project: Winnie the Wintermonster & Merry Chunkmas
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: November 20, 2011
Completion Date: November 22, 2011
Materials: Knit Picks Palette
Notions: Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Maddox the Mischievous Monster
                           Monster Chunk

The Danger Crafts group held a Winter/Holiday Monster Swap and I could not resist joining after I saw all the fun stuff they did with the Halloween swap.   I started thinking early about what kind of monster to make.  I had made a Monster Chunk for myself (Geno Chunk) and thought that that would make a great ornament.  Oh, did I mention that it was a Mini Ornament Swap?  Oops. 

My partner listed blue and silver as favorite colors, so I went searching through my stash of Palette and came up with a couple that I thought would work quite well.  Merry Chunkmas was born on one cold Montana evening.  He immediately said that he could not make the trip to Philadelphia by himself, he would just be too nervous (I probably should not have let him talk to Geno chunk).  So, he and I sat and though about it long and hard and he said that he would like a female friend to accompany him, so I set off in search of a pattern and there was the Maddox pattern.

I cast on and it didn't take long before Winnie started to take shape.  Once I saw her figure, I knew she needed to hide it with a winter dress and we set off in search of some suitable fabric.  We found this beautiful blue sheer snowflake fabric and they loved it, but felt it needed some bling, so we got some sequin trim and made her dress.

Reports are that they have arrived in Philly and are doing well in their new home.

FP: Lionel & Violet

Finished Project: Lionel & Violet
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: November 1, 2011
Completion Date: November 19, 2011
Materials: Patons Classic, Cotton Ease
Notions: Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Jerry the Musical Monkey

A friend saw my photo of Lowell on facebook and contacted me about making a couple of Jerry's for her for Christmas.  She opted for some more traditional monkey colors, hence the subdued brown and girly purple. 

I knit these two simultaneously as I knew I would finish on and not want to knit the other because of the monotony of in-the-round stockinette.  It was difficult at times getting the motivation to work on them, but I pushed and pushed and in the end, they became who they are. 

From the beginning I knew Lionel was Lionel and when I couldn't pinpoint a name for the girl, I took a cue from her colorway and thus she became Violet.  Of course, being that they were adopted, their names are subject to change.  I like to name the items that I make, it makes it more meaningful for me.  I can say, oh I remember when I was working on Lionel.  Silly, but that's just who I am.

Monday, November 21, 2011

THe Holidays Are Fast Approaching

The Holidays are fast approaching. Just four nights’ sleep until Black Friday. Maybe not even a full night’s sleep if you plan on hitting the stores at midnight! I can’t say that I won’t be there at midnight, because I am a girl who likes a little adventure, but I don’t actively have plans to be out and about at that time. Four a.m. is plenty early enough for me.

I wasn’t going to look at BF ads online, but then yesterday I was up early and a little bored and so I started looking and so far I have not seen anything that I can’t live without. I don’t buy many toys and when I do, I tend to pay full price or order them at a slight discount online. I cannot imagine banging people around to get one of those horribly ugly Bratz dolls. I only buy for three children anyways, two boys and a girl. Thankfully my nephews enjoy creative things like Legos and books. Those things don’t got on sale very often and if they do, then their mom picks it up and we reimburse her if it is to be from us. I also shop for my friend’s daughter. I try to get her things that I think would be fun. I often casually quiz her mom for ideas and this year, she said she wanted creative things. That sent off bells and whistles in my head. She likes to watch Project Runway with her mom, and while there are a lot of PR products out there right now, they are all a bit too old for her. So, what could be better for a hip, adorable, fashion minded five year old? Fashion Plates! OMG do you guys remember these? I got my sisters handed down set and then several years later, when I was much older, I scored another set to tinker around with! I think that it will be so much fun for her. I found them at one of my favorite stores, Amazon. I also got her a Melissa & Dug fashion dolls stencil kit sort of thing that I thought she could enjoy. I wanted to get her something that would sort of challenger her, yet be easy enough to do on her own as she has a brand new baby brother. So my child shopping is done for and I didn’t have to fight hoards of determined moms at midnight in the aisles of WalMart. Thankfully (I think) we don’t have a Toys R Us close by. Unless you think four hours is close by.

Back to the fury of BF. I wait patiently for the newspaper to arrive on Thanksgiving morning. It seems to be that one day of the year when I don’t have the paper when I get up! I read all the “news” first and then browse the ads. Later in the day, I settle in with my notebook and ads and plan our attack route. Normally most of the shopping is done prior to Thanksgiving weekend. But there are always a few hold out gifts and those oh so hard to shop for people on my list. More times than not, though, we are shopping for ourselves. Things that we want that we didn’t put on our lists, because we didn’t know we wanted it until it was priced down for Black Friday sales events. It used to be tradition to get a brand new pair of slippers. You often needed them once you got home and your feet hurt so bad. That tradition sort of morphed into purchasing them and giving them as gifts a month later instead.

This year we are toying with the idea of doing some early morning events and then hitting the road for Missoula, roughly two hours to the west. Normally we would not entertain this idea, but they are having a large bazaar that we would like to check out and they have many more stores than we have. It would be a quick trip as I would not want to drive home in the dark. It all hinges on weather. We were scheduled to go last weekend, but a nice storm system moved in and we were blanketed with snow and ice. It seems the forecast changes daily around our area, so we likely won’t know if we are going until the morning of.

This is an exciting week for me. I only work two days, as I am taking vacation days on Wednesday and Friday, so I will have five consecutive days off. It is sort of a laid back sort of environment around the office. A lot of people are off and it is kind of the lull before the storm in my department. I am stretching a few small projects out and avoiding anything too big and involved. Cooper is going in to the spa on Wednesday. He is in desperate need of a haircut and shampoo. Poor little guy will be freezing, but I think he will feel so much better to not have all that hair weighing him down. I can’t imagine it is too much fun having iceballs on your legs and belly. We are delivering holiday wreaths to a few family members on Wednesday and then on Thursday we will be visiting my father to deliver his Charlie Brown tree and ornament.

Once again, we are having a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. This year we are having lasagna and homemade bread. For dessert, we picked up a Reese’s pie by Edwards. Yum! A turkey is just too much for two people, especially when one of them is not overly fond of turkey.

I have been working on a few different projects since I last posted. First I finished the Great Move of 2011. Who knew it could be so much work to flip two rooms? It was exhausting, but the rewards have been worth it. My camera went missing for a bit of time, that is why there were no WiP Wednesday posts! I had the memory card, but not the camera. I finally found it and have a little shoot planned for Wednesday. I will hopefully have four items finished for that shoot, but will only be able to fully share two as the others are swap items! I have finished up two more monkeys for a friend. She is giving them as gifts, one to her little guy and one I am thinking might be for her great niece, but I am not 100% on that, it could be for someone else. I hope to finish up the final swap item tomorrow night. I have a full night of hockey and knitting ahead of me tonight, so I plan on making some major headway. Then I have some cloths to make for a swap and to have on hand for those last-minute gifts. In December, I plan on starting on a baby sweater for the new baby boy I mentioned earlier. I have the yarn on order. I am anxiously awaiting getting started on that. I love to knit little baby items.

Today is a big day in the hockey world. Sidney Crosby returns to the lineup tonight since being out with a concussion since January 5, 2011! Over 100 games missed. It is very exciting, especially if you are a HUGE Pittsburgh fan, which I most definitely am! We also get Zybenek Michalek back as well, so we have a relatively healthy roster for the first time in a few years! It is going to be inspiring I think. I am very excited and am willing this day to move that much faster!

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and may you find peace in this hectic season.

(still trying to get used to the new layout of blogspot)

Friday, November 04, 2011

FP: Geno Chunk

Finished Project: Geno Chunk
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: October 23, 2011
Completion Date: October 23, 2011
Materials: Draygone yarns - Pittsburgh Penguins
Notions: Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Monster Chunks

I finally made a monster!  AND I finally have something finished using my Pittsburgh Penguins yarn!  I named this little guy Geno after Evgeni Malkin because right he was having a hot game right around the time this little guy was finding his groove in the room.  You can see, that he is settling in nicely with the Pennies for Pittsburgh jar, an old school new school log shot glass and hidden from view, my Iceburgh bobble head.

There will definitely be more Penguin Hockey Chunks to come.  After all, I do need an entire roster.  And with the way the injury bug is biting our players, some call ups as well.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WiP Wednesday Volume 1 Issue 10

I am working on two Jerry the Musical Monkey monkeys for a friend and this is where I stand right now, two bodies and two arms...

I finished up the cloth I posted last time, but forgot to take a picture of it before I sent ot off to Virginia!  Ooops. 

I took last night off and tonight is a bit of a catch up night on some paperwork, but I plan to get back into the knitting swing tomorrow night during the Pens/Sharks game. 

I am also in the beginning stages of The Big Room Move 2011 Edition.  I tend to flip two rooms every year.  This is that time of year.  I am really excited about getting it done.  I like the thought of lying in bed at night and watching hockey.  I also like the thought of lying in bed at midnight and watching anything, rather than laying in my bed wide awake doing nothing!  Finally my "studio" will be just that, a place just for work.  I can finally listen to my iTunes library again.

I hope to post a finished project on Friday!  It is tiny, but adorable...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 9

I thought I would share a little bit of what I have on the needles right now.  It's not much, will have to remedy that...

First I have a dishcloth that I am doing for the Going Local swap over on Ravelry.  It is clearly in its infancy.

Next I have the Knitting Game (through clue 3...I'm a bit behind).  Each week you get to pick between three different just never know quite what you will get.  They seem to compliment each other quite nicely though.

And finally we have a second Knitting Game.  I may frog this.  I have been having the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with this yarn (I have two other balls), so I thought I would try this.  I guess I will get a couple of clues done first and then make the decision.

And that is what is on my needles.  I have another project coming up that hopefully will be cast on on Friday, if my plan holds.  *Fingers Crossed*

Sunday, October 02, 2011

FP: Lowell

Finished Project: Lowell
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: September 3, 2011
Completion Date: September 12, 2011
Materials: Caron Simply Soft Paints
Notions: Safety Eyes, Fiber Fill
Pattern Source: Jerry the Musical Monkey

I can't believe that this is my first Danger Craft pattern!  I have had the book for months, but just hadn't found the right time to sit down and whip something up.  When I saw the September KAL, I knew I just had to do something and what's better than a monkey???  It worked perfectly because I had a deadline to get something done for a dear friend who was moving cross country and was in need of a friend.

Lowell came together really easily and quite quickly.  He was already to go and there was even enough time to make him a little buddy.  He has since made the trek from Montana to Pennsylvania and all reports are that he is settling in quite nicely in his new home.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Hi there!  It's been a bit of time since I last wrote.  It's the same old and games got in the way.  Actually I have been suffering from lack of focus and so I haven't really been doing much to write about.  I finally finished a project last Thursday.  I am pretty excited about that.  I have to write it up and post it, but I can share a photo... see the post here

I am so happy it is done and it turned out just how I wanted it to!  Yay!

I also started working on a ginormous undertaking, that I think will be years in the making.  A sneak peek...

I rearranged my "studio" area and I am really happy with it.  A new desk, converted the old desk into a sewing/all purpose craft station.  Tonight I decided to switch the seating arrangement and create more an entertainment area.  With that change it really set up "zones" (work, crafting, entertainment/knitting (they go hand in hand)).

And being the uber geek that I am, I have been organizing my life like crazy.  Even at work, I have been on an super organization/tracking system track.  I don't know how I will handle it when everything is organized!  I will probably start over with a new system.

This weekend I need to tackle my closets!  Scary to think about.  Thankfully there is nothing worth watching on television, so I have the time.  It does cut into my creative time though.

I took a roady on Saturday to Bozeman and picked up some yummy yarn.  The Yarn Shop was having a sale on sock yarn, so I scored some Cascade and some Berrocco Comfort (slated for a shawl).  I also picked up some Alpaca (Plymouth?) for a Cedar Leaf Shawlette.  I will post photos once I take it out of the bag (later this week maybe...maybe not).

I have been dieting (I blogged the first few days over at The Fat Journals.  Hoping to get back there later in the week to post my progress so far).  It is going well, except that right now I am so hungry and I just ate dinner.  If you are hungry right after eating does that mean that those calories don't count?  Seriously this is crazy. 

Well I have to get some stuff done tonight, this was on my list and I am happy to check it off!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 8

I actually have some stuff to show you this week instead of just a photo of my textbook (only because I didn't take a photo of my textbook).

First up we have this...

Just a sneeky of something that I am working on.  I will be ready to post the finished project(s) soon!  The picture doesn't really do the color justice (and you have to see it as a whole).  We have had dark skies and rainstorms the last couple of afternoons, so I haven't had the best light.

Next up we have my Penalty Box(es) that I have been working on since April.  I thought I was so close to being done, but...I need to do a bunch more squares so that it really works as a finished piece.  Here's a look at what's been happening...

And finally, we have something that is a relatively new craft undertaking for me.  And of course I didn't start out small...this is just a little snippet of the project...

Stamped cross stitch and yes that is all I have done.  In my defense, I started it yesterday during a storm in which I had to take care of a very scared Cooper.  I also have to do this on the down-low so that certain eyes don't spy it (at least no the detail or enormousness).

And that is what has been happening.  I sort of feel like I am above water for the first time in a few months.  I have had to scale back some deadlines (self-imposed) so that I can enjoy crafting again and not feel like pulling my hair out from failed frustrations. 

So, what have you been working on?  Drop me a link!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 7

I finally sat down this weekend and watched some television.  It has been a while it seems since I have done that, had a marathon DVR session.

First up, I caught up with Covert Affairs.  I had two episodes to watch and the first, All the Right Friends was a little boring.  There was a lot of running and driving around Argentina.  I don't really know what else I can say about it.  I did not enjoy the story and I think part of the dynamic that works on this show is between the field and the office and that was completely lacking.  Also, the story was about a story, not about some sort of threat to the country.  It just fell flat for me and that is upsetting because I really like Ignacio Serricchio.

Next up was Around the Sun, about a NASA leak.  This episode also marked the first of Auggie in a new position, leaving the operations field and moving into a more administrative role.  Thankfully it was also the last of him in that role!  (Sorry if you haven't seen it, but it's been a week!)  I didn't much care for his temporary replacement Reva.  She was a little to stick-in-the-mud.  Looks like she is sticking around for this week though.  The story was a little blah, not much action.  I did like the twist with the son at the end.  And it also looks like things are resolved with Arthur, so that is over.

I caught a few reruns of Nikita while I was at it as well.  I didn't get to watch during the regular viewing season as it conflicted with Bones/CSI/Grey's Anatomy.  I think I made the right decision.  It is a pretty slow moving show.

I was finally able to catch up on Flashpoint!  I think I had four episodes on the machine.   One of them was a repeat.  With that in mind, I apologize if they all run together in my mind, but I want to touch on a few things.

First, before I much did I love seeing Jessica Steen?  If you don't know who she is, I mostly recognize her from playing Hannah in Sing (one of my guilty pleasures) and as Paula Cassidy on NCIS.  Looking at her filmography, it looks like she pops up on Flashpoint semi-regularly.  Yay!  I just received the second season a couple of weeks months ago.  So, it will be fun to see her.

Second, Victor Garber! The man who "built Titanic".  Of course as a viewer you had to hate his character because he wanted to split the team up, but in the end, you can go back to somewhat liking him.  He played a hard ass evaluator, more like interrogator.

Also, what is happening with Wordy?  Will he be okay, will we hear any more about what is happening with him?  What is Ed and Sofie's baby girl's name?  And why oh why did Jules go to Sam's?  Especially after what happened with Victor Garber?

A lot of answers left at the end of last week's episode...hopefully by season's end we will have some answers.

Next up, I plan on catching up on Rookie Blue and hopefully settling in this week to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  I must admit that the last few seasons I have really been more disinterested than interested.  I watched last week's performances on fast-forward for the most part and have been getting my results sooner on twitter (I'm mountain time).

Well thunder has returned to the Big Sky, so I best get going...

Stay Tuned...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Update: 7-11-11

I felt so accomplished on Friday night when I went to bed.  I had actually paid bills and balanced the checkbook before spending money foolishly!  It was a great feeling to have that done and know how much room I had to work with on some needed household items and fun stuff.

Saturday was an up and at 'em early day around here.  Definitely wanted to beat the crowds at the stores.  As much as I am loathing Wal-Mart, it is the smartest choice for some items.  I think it would have been even better if I would have had a complete list.  Instead, I forgot to look at several items.  Oh well...  After that we made a quick trip to the Farmer's Market.  I thought that there might be more/different vendors since the Montana Folk Festival (the sequel to the National Folk Festival) was in uptown Butte this weekend and I thought perhaps it would have brought in new talent.  I was wrong.  It was the same old stuff that I have overlooked for the past several weeks now.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at Montana Club and then it was time to just unwind at home.  I watched several shows on DVR and worked on this...

*just a sneak peek.

Pretty soon it was already time for bed and some light reading (very light, I think I managed four pages!).

Sunday was a sleep in day.  I think I got up around 8:00, read the paper and then got dressed and headed to the Field of Honor (timed in conjunction with the Festival).

It really was quite lovely and really instilled a sense of honor.  Most of the flags (there were 1,000) had names of loved ones, memorials.  We did not do one, but if the project returns, we fully plan on sponsoring a flag (you get to pick them up along with the tags after).  In the back, there were flags for child abuse victims.  I had wanted to go once the sun settled to see them lit, but I never quite remembered until I was half way to dreamland.

Sunday was a more or less stay at home day.  I did make a run to Kmart and Joann's to pick up some needed items.   Then home to watch some more DVR (I am almost all caught up!) and some more crafting.  It feels like I haven't crafted in forever!  Then some reading and getting ready for work.

How was your weekend?

Friday, July 08, 2011

FP: Owl Hold That For You

I'm not doing a Friday Fill-Ins today.  They changed the format for the next couple of weeks and quite honestly I am just too lazy to figure it out and make something that is sensible and witty.  So instead, I thought I would do something that I haven't done in a long time and give you all a Finished Project post.  Let's see if I remember how!

Finished Project: Owl Hold That For You
Craft: Knitting
Begin Date: June ?, 2011
Completion Date: The next day
Materials: Knit Picks  Comfy Bulky (?discontinued); Lining fabric
Notions: Button jar buttons
Pattern Source: Owl Diaper and Wipe Case

I needed a quick knit to go with a box of Pampers Swaddlers for a work place baby shower and then I remembered that I had purchased this pattern.  I knew it would be perfect.

I quickly ran to my stash to see what I had in the bulky weight that would work (note: I don't have enough bulky weight yarn, and by that I mean, next to NONE!)  I found some KP Comfy Bulky in the Marine colorway that I had purchased way last year for a different project that never did happen.  I  held my yarn doubled, to get a little more bulk. The Comfy Bulky feels like a worsted to me.

In the future I plan on using either cotton doubled or something more like Thick n Quick. I think I will shy away from the KP (too soft).

I had the lining fabric already sewn for another project (two years ago) so I was happy to finally use it. I just love the print.  I wish I had more of it.  *sigh*

All the buttons came from my button jar.  Do you know how hard it is to find two of the same button?  Oy...I was lucky.

I noticed that going from the tighter knits of the cables to the purls left ladders.  I am not happy with that, but I am not quite sure how to fix it.  I always pull my yarn pretty tight (I am a tight knitter, but these ladders make me look like a ginormous loosey goosey).  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please drop me a comment or email me at  I can also be found on Ravelry with the id: LdyPngn.

Happy little knit, I plan on making again and again.  Owls are so in right now!  Perfect for a boy or girl.  This went to an expectant little girl.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thursday 13: Volume 2 Issue 8

Thirteen of my Favorite Songs on my Now iTunes Playlist

  1. Somewhere With You - Kenny Chesney (shhh don't tell anyone it's country)
  2. Monster - Lady Gaga
  3. Boys Boys Boys - Lady Gaga
  4. '65 Love Affair - Paul Davis
  5. Wild Again - Starship
  6. Sweet Freedom - Michael McDonald
  7. We Are - Ana Johnsson
  8. Just a Dream - Nelly
  9. Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson
  10. Photograph - Santana featuring Chris Daughtry
  11. Teeth - Lady Gaga
  12. Rolling in the Deep - Adele
  13. How Did I Fall In Love With You - Backstreet Boys
Join the fun @

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 6

We are sorry, we are suffering some techincal difficulties*

We will return next week with our regularly scheduled program

*technical in the fact that we I didn't watch television last week

Monday, July 04, 2011

Weekend Update: 7-4-11

Oops...I sort of forgot that today was Monday.  So I almost forgot to give a little update.

I can't say that I did much over the weekend but let's see what I can remember.

Friday was a work day, a very important and ultimately a very frustrating work day.  Let's not dwell on that.  It also happened to mark Free Agency Frenzy.  July 1st is the first day of free agency in the NHL.  A day, where bidding starts on the league's stars.  It was a whirlwind sort of day for sure.  For the last few weeks I had been on Jagr Watch, waiting patiently on twitter to find out the latest scoop (yes twitter is the go to place for NHL news).  Finally the wait was over and Jaromir Jagr singed with...Philadelphia.  Yeah, I am not joking.  One of Pittsburgh's biggest rivals landed a former superstar.  Actually, the landed two Penguin superstars as they also signed Max Talbot.  OMG I could barely get the news out when I called my mother because I knew she would be there for me.  I thought I would be devastated, but in the end (after a bout of being totally pissed off), I was okay with it all.  It is what it is and we have a great team.  I was really shocked that Talbot signed with Philly.  For him, I think it was because they offered him the five year contract he wanted.  Mike Rupp signed with the New York Rangers and while I am sad he is no longer a Penguin, I am super happy that he is a Ranger as they just might be my second favorite team at this point.  The biggest signing didn't happen on Friday, but rather on Saturday as Brad Richards (formerly a Dallas Star) signed with the NY Rangers as well.  Yay!  So, my Internet time has been spent checking out the hockey movement. 
Friday night I went with my aunt to the local figure skating club show.  I know, an ice show in July?  It was Patriotic Pride and featured as a very special guest Elvis Stojko.  Oh my gosh, I fell in love.  Then I found out last night that he is already married.  Ugh!  He performed two numbers and I was in such awe watching him skate.  It was incredible.  Definitely worth sitting through some suckage to see that.

Saturday was an errand day, although there weren't many errands to run.  It was also an early rise day because there was some neighborhood drama and I could not go back to sleep.  I did take a lovely nap though and then finished up Lily Mouse.  I still have to post on her, but here is a sneak peak

Sunday involved a trip to the grocery store and some gambling.  It also involved another nap, some reading and lots of fireworks.  I don't actually know what time I went to sleep.  We also ventured out to see the floats that were featured in the 4th of July parade.

Today was a bum around sort of day.  It started with an early morning run to Wal-Mart (the best time to go) and some gambling.  After lunch, I went for the trifecta and snuck in another nap (lord what am I going to do when I go back to work tomorrow?).  I tried really hard to get some reading in, but I had to stop to recharge my Nook.  Now that that is done though, I think I am going to take a shower and try to finish this book.

I will leave you with a picture of Elliott from the other day that I am in love with.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Fill Ins: Volume 1 Issue 7

1. Blue skies under the Big Sky.

2. I took a trip down memory lane to Vancouver, November 2000 this week.

3. Kids games are more fun.

4. Hotel stays, beef jerkey, playlists; these are some of the best things about vacation.

5. Love is the best feeling in the world.

6. You know what they don't have in Montana?  Submarine races.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to local figure skating club show, tomorrow my plans include making sense of Free Agency Friday and Sunday, I want to do homework!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 13: Volume 2 Issue 7

This marks my 300th post!  I should have planned better and done something really special.  Instead, I give you this week's Thursday 13

Thirteen of my all time favorite characters

  1. Steve Carella
  2. Vincent Mancini
  3. Lucas Davenport
  4. Temperance Brennan
  5. Johnny Nogerelli
  6. Vince Romano
  7. Iceman
  8. Maverick
  9. Damon Salvatore
  10. The Driver
  11. Ed Lane
  12. Jack Sparrow
  13. Mick St. John
Here's to 300 more!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WiP Wednesday: Volume 1 Issue 7

Instead of showing what is in progress (because it hasn't changed since the last real post), I thought I would give you a glimpse of two upcoming Finished Project posts.

Stay tuned for the deets!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 1 Issue 5

Being that I spent last week furiously working on a knitting project, means that I spent the majority of it in front of the television. That being said, I only have a few programs to write about.

The first program I watched during the week that was not a rerun was the NHL Awards show on Versus on Wednesday evening. I had a couple of reasons for watching, one, with the Stanley Cup being awarded one week prior, it was the only hockey related programming that was not a repeat of the SC finals and two, Dan Bylsma, head coach for my beloved Penguins was nominated for the Jack Adams. I cannot tell you how happy I was to watch this awards show. The opening sequence, a parody of the 24/7 Penguins/Capitals Road to the Winter Classic that HBO aired in December with Jay Mohr (this year’s host) was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Then Mohr’s opening, had me rolling in parts and eye rolling in other parts. The show progressed very nicely, with two musical performances (neither of which I liked) and to the point presentations and acceptance speeches. Dan Byslma did win the Jack Adams, which was totally awesome. There were not many surprises when it came to the winners. Overall it was a delightful two hours.

After that, I tuned into So You Think You Can Dance and somewhere towards the last half hour or so, I sort of tuned out. I tend to watch the dances half-heartedly and then tune out the comments. There seems to be an awful lot of stroking these dancers. I, never in a million years thought I would miss Mia, but she was at least blatantly and harshly honest. But at least she wasn’t praising crap. This was the week that two couples were being sent home and I honestly could see more than two that should have been ousted. I remember when the show first started (barely). I remember that they just danced, there didn’t have to be a heart-string-tugging-story behind every dance. It didn’t have to mean anything. The viewer could decide the story based on the song and the movement. The host wasn’t annoying trying to be cute all the time. And this year, they are trying out this celebrity judge thing, this week was Debbie Reynolds. Really? Debbie Reynolds. I would have loved to see her critique a crump routine, since I am fairly certain she has not clue what crumping is. It was a train wreck, she loved everyone, even the super sucky ones. Ugh! I didn’t even tune in on Thursday. Well I did for a minute to see the opening routine. I got my results information from twitter and I was happy. That and my cable was all sorts of wonky. So, four people went home and I was a little disappointed that Ryan didn’t go home. Her performance the first week, she was all smiles during a “sad” song and this week, she was supposed to be sexy and she looked like she was trying to catch bugs in that trap of hers. There’s always next time. Fingers crossed.

On Friday, I tuned into the NHL Draft. That is three hours that cannot be recovered. I think of all the things I could have watched. I had no idea that it would honestly take just over three hours to draft 30 players. My team had the 23rd pick. That was a long time coming. Thankfully for round 2-7 they made it a much more streamlined process and there was no, “the so and so would like to thank Minnesota for their hospitality and congratulate the Boston Bruins on winning the Stanley Cup.” My team was all business, “Pittsburgh selects Joe Morrow”. It was like, “let’s get this show on the road, we have been sitting here playing Farmville for two hours now.” I don’t recommend watching the Draft, unless you don’t have paint to watch dry.

The weekend was time to settle in and watch some DVR programs. I started by finishing up the Law & Order: Criminal Intent season and I am really going to miss that show. I won’t lie, I did not see every episode of the series. I did see all the Goren/Eames episodes, but tuned out the Logan eps because I just couldn’t get behind Mr. Big in that role again. I was super pleased with the series finale. It was just a regular episode with an ending that was not over the top and just left things status-quo. Also, it didn’t hurt that The Beek was in it…James Van der Beek. Oh, how I love The Beek.

I watched Covert Affairs on Sunday. I have yet to find an episode that really stands out and makes me think. I think I mainly watch for Christopher Gorham (Auggie) and Kari Matchett (Joan). They are my two favorite characters on that show. I did enjoy last week’s episode with Oded Fehr. He is so handsome and I just love his work.

Rookie Blue premiered this week. On Thursday, to be exact. That was the day that my cable seemed a bit wonky, perhaps there were storms, I don’t much remember. Anyways, it was a really good episode and I think it set up some stuff for this season. First, how about that out-of-nowhere gun shot that took down the girl and another than took down Andy?!? Thankfully Andy’s shot was straight to the vest and she was fine. Oh how much I loved that Swarek ran to her and showed the concern (how can they not get together?). The introduction of the new detective Jo (thank you that is Luke’s ex in more than the partner way. That sets up quite the triangle or possibly rectangle/square with Andy/Luke/Swarek/Jo. Who here thinks that Luke and Jo will smooch and she will also hook up with Swarek? I do! Also, with the drop about Dov’s brother committing suicide, maybe they will delve into that a bit and we will find out why. It would be nice to get a little more background on Dov and Diaz. We know that Gail is privileged and that Andy’s dad is a drunk. We know that Traci has a son and is trying to make it work with the baby daddy (poor Jerry) and we know that Noelle is trying to get pregnant. We don’t know much about Swarek’s past or Luke’s so that would be nice too. I didn’t know originally that I would like this show or that it would last, but it proved to be something good. Second to hockey and some players, and Flashpoint, it is one of the better things to come out of Canada (no offense Canada, I love you, but you did drop that bomb The Bridge last year and someone there produces Don Cherry’s suits).

On the next episode of T.V. Tuesday:

This week looks like much of the same, minus L&O: Criminal Intent. I am about half way through the pilot episode of Suits. I am not sure that it will make my summer viewing yet, but I will keep you posted. I may check out Necessary Roughness. Originally I said no, but USA is relentless with their promos and so I am thinking that I might check it out. TNT’s premiere of Rizzoli & Isles is just shy of three weeks away…seems like forever!

Thanks for tuning in, we’ll see you next week.