Hair Club for Santa?

Oh how I wish I would listen to myself! I started on the Itty Bitty Toys Santa last week and after a fitful night of extreme increasing with the most difficult of materials (Lion Cotton & US 3 dpns!), I finally had that damn thing started. Flash forward to last night and somewhere around the third period of the Wild/San Jose game and I came to the conclusion that this version is not meant to be. I made some bad choices along the way and now I am planning on starting over…in a few weeks.

So where did I go wrong? Well, first I used 100% cotton heavy worsted with size 3 needles. Then after I got that dreaded body done, I used Knit Picks Comfy for the head. Comfy is at best a light worsted. So at this point I have a rather large body and a pathetic little head, but still I forge on. Next I have a Santa hat that is too big for this guy’s head. But not to worry, I can manipulate it with stitching to look okay. Then I knit his beard, out of 100% no give cotton again and so I have a beard that is too big for his face. But that is not even the best part, instead of satin stitching to “fluff” the beard, I had the best idea I have ever had. Why not use fun fur? Let me tell you why…it looks like he had this idea to trim his hair and then glue it to his face. It is awful, Hair Club for Santa! It didn’t stop there though. I decided to get his arms done and fist they look to small. He looks like a T-Rex with stubby little arms and some more hair on his cuffs. Right now he sits there legless looking like a freak. He cannot be saved. I think the best thing to do is to quietly put him in a dark place and just pretend like he never was.

I have pulled out some Knit Picks Comfy (a much more user friendly yarn) that I wanted to use to begin with, but I feared that by using cream instead of white, he would look like a Santa who doesn’t bathe. But, KP doesn’t have a white or a black in Comfy. So, I think I am going to use Shine sport with a strand of Palette for those white/and black areas. Grumble! Such a disaster.

To save my sanity, I have used the Lion Cotton to cast on another Susan B Anderson project, the Apple dishcloth. I am 2” in, hopefully tonight, things will go smoothly in my house and in Dallas, where my beloved Penguins are taking on the Stars (who seem to be a bit hot this year…maybe getting rid of some dead weight is just what they needed. But not tonight, tonight we need the big W). I love Wednesday nights! There is nothing on regular television, but there seems to be plenty of hockey to satisfy my intense thirst! I was so itching for some last night, that I started to watch the Montreal/Columbus game…in French! Thankfully they speak English on the Toronto broadcast station and I caught some of the Toronto/Ottawa game.

I don’t have any photos for you today. I took some, but I just didn’t get them off the camera. I finished up the Per Orla cloth and an embroidered flour sack towel. Does anyone know what you can use that ginormous towel for other than as a towel? My mother is funny and doesn’t want to use it as a towel, not that I can blame her, I think that it could dry a small family it is so huge.

I am still searching for an elf name. I am thinking about pulling something from the family tree that has been growing leaps and bounds. One of these days I have to sit down and figure out who all these people are and how they are related to me. I am hoping that somehow I will find that we are related to someone famous like a past president or Clive Owen. Eh…maybe a hockey player is more likely? Actually I don’t think we are related to anyone of note. Except, me. I was on television a few weeks ago. It was sheer horror that I was on the news for the entire piece. Non-speaking (thank god!). I was coerced into attending a filming for a local candidate by a friend’s husband. I didn’t even live in his district! Oh well, I did get to shake hands with the Governor and his dog (that dog gets more applause then the Gov!)

Well someone on facebook noted that there is 52 days until Christmas. That seems like a lot to me. I am happy to have those days, as I am not done shopping or crafting. And if it were say five days away, I would have totally missed Black Friday! That is the best day of the year!

Okay, so I have to get back to some business matters.

Happy Crafting.


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