I was going to...(with photos)

I was going to do detailed project info, but time is getting away from me and I just loaded everything into Ravelry (LdyPngn) so go there if you want the deets.

First up is some embroidery I did for a knitting bag I gifted.  Note, canvas is not overly friendly.

Next we have Zoe Zoloft (happy pill).  She looks a little evil.  I am still contemplating giving her some hair.

Here is Skule.  He is one of Lionbrand's Halloween ornaments, only he turned out much bigger than I anticipated (I am sure it has nothing to do with me using a larger hook).  I found him to be quite ugly, but Elliott found him to be a good little chew.

Here is Miss Emmaline's tattoo.  It acutally kind of wraps around her tail from the top.  I am undecided about the placement of her new piercing.  It looks a little questionable.

Here is the Milo sweater I did witht he owl cables.  I love it.  I really love it with the pink, but I have a photo below with white for a boy.

Here is the bag of knitting goodies I gifted.

Here is the Owl hat I did to go with the sweater, only it doesn't go, so it is just in the box right now.  I just think it is so cute.  The yarn is really soft and super slippery (Knit Picks Shine Worsted)

 I have had this Happy Feet yarn for almost three years now and I just love it.  I have been using bits and pieces of it here and there.  I decided that some little baby socks needed to be knitted up and this was the first ball or variegated I pulled out of the fingering bin.  So cute!  And what is best about baby socks, I get to feel like a sock knitter only I don't get second sock syndrome.

 I am helping a friend start knitting again and she wanted to do the Maine Morning Mitts for a gift and so I thought before I could help her, I should work my way through one in case there were some unexpected surprises.  There was one major surpise.  They knit up super fast!  I had one done before I even knew it.  Two DVR shows and I have a mitt.  Now I have two and my friend was 2" into her first on Wednesday.

Since my boys, well at least Elliott seems to like the stuff I make, I thought that I would make Christmas gifts for the fur children this year.  This little fishie is going to go to Bella (maybe Shelby).  It is all crochet and stuffed up with a squeeker inside for endless hours of annoyment  fun.

 I really wanted to do some leggings for baby and so I though the quickest way would be to crochet them. I pulled out some random yarn (you know in case it didn't work) and turned out these little cuties.  I love them, but hate the yarn (Cotton Fleece).

Here is a matching hat that I really don't like, but no offense to any designer, because this came out of my noggin.  It is so plain. Perhaps a nice flower is needed.  Not to mention that I didn't work in continuous rounds but joined and so there is some visible ugly seam like thing on the back.  Blech.
 And what little ensemble would not be complete without some mitts.  I still think the little darlings will scratch themselves because I can see little fingers poking out of the holes.
 And another view of the leg wear.
 And here is the way Hoo Are You? will be presented, as Jenny had a baby boy. 
 This is Caspian.  I don't know where the name came from, but when he was finished, I said, "What is your name" and he said, "Caspian".  It works because his brother is Orion.  I just love the way these snakes look when finished. They look a little naughty at the beginning, but then I have sort of a sick mind at times.  And they seem to take forever.  But they don't it is just endless knitting in the round.
And that is what I have been working on.  I am ready to start something new tonight.  Or rather I was ready, but I keep forgetting to make a copy of the pattern so that I can make notes on it.  I am going to try to remember to put it in my bag for tomorrow.  So far this week's schedule is pretty open so I think tonight I will work on another fish or perhaps I will start on Cooper's Manta Ray.  I am doing all the children's toys in cotton as it seems to be sturdier and cheap, considering most of them are destructable little things.


Heather said…
Great stuff, all of it. Thanks.
Heather said…
I have an award for you at my blog.


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