I am figuring out life

I am trying to figure out life. That is not really an excuse, but that is what I am using for not writing for so long! It just seems like every time I go to write, something happens and I don’t do it. I have loads of photos to share, but I thought that I would wait to post those until later and just use this post to catch you up on some stuff. Well that and I don’t have the photos with me to post!

We are fully into October now. Holy Pumpkins Batman!?! How did that happen? One day it was August and then next September had vanished. Crazy times. I am still doing the school thing. I have been focusing a little more on Accounting at the moment than Criminal Justice, but I have a plan to start reading Criminal Procedure this week. Yay! I am fully through two modules now. I did fantabulous on my exams. I started doing some accounting refreshers on my own and that is turning out to be loads of fun. Note, NO sarcasm in that line. I really am loving it.

Towards the end of September, the new Fall season started and surprisingly, I have nearly two nights a week free that I don’t watch much, if anything. On Monday the only thing I watch is Hawaii Five-0 and dvr Castle. On Wednesdays, there is nothing. I have been using some of my time wisely. On Wednesdays I have been meeting up with a lady to help her get back into the knit thing. And when I am not doing that, I am trying to study or clean. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my big crafting nights because there is a ton of stuff on that I watch. And finally Friday’s have some stuff going on.

This past Thursday the NHL season opened, so I am fully tuning into games now. Unfortunately my beloved Penguins have not heard a word that I have said and are playing pretty shitily right now. Yes, that is a word. Hoping to get back on track tonight. Fingers crossed everyone. We cannot go 0-3 to start the season. I think the Avalanche might be back in action tonight as well. They just made the long trip back east and I think are up against Philadelphia. Blech. Friday night I attended the first of three US vs Canada games here at home. I left after the second period when the score was 4-1 Canada. It was fun and so crowded. Who knew that so many college students would turn out for a hockey game? The team’s first official game of the season is this Friday in Missoula. They are at home on the 22nd and 23rd. I just love hockey season.

I have completed several projects to post photos of. I am quite excited. Just have to get them off the camera and uploaded. I think there might be one or two over on Ravelry if you are there. I am LdyPngn. I just did a pair of fingerless mitts on two circulars. It is funny to go from dpns to two circs. I am going to start another set of fingerless this week some time and am trying to figure out which needles I want to use. I am thinking dpns though. They are a little fiddly at the start, but I think that they will be the better choice. I am finally going to use one of my fancy books for a pattern. I have looked through this book about a hundred times and everything seems so dainty, but I found these gloves and I think they are perfect for a friend. A new technique too. Picot edgings.

I made a trip to Bozeman this past weekend. It was a spontaneous decision and it was a nice trip. They were having homecoming and we got to see part of their parade. It looks like a great parade. I may have to remember that for next year. I picked up some super soft yarn, the name is totally escaping me right now and a fabulous baby sweater pattern. And other than a couple of magazines and a few swap items from Michaels, I bought nothing else. I don’t know whether to be happy I showed so much restraint or sad that I wasted a good trip. We will lean towards happy right now.

The family is all good. I think. Mom is doing good. She is now working four days a week, taking Wednesdays off. I don’t think she has quite found her stride on what she is going to do with that day, but she will. It is still relatively new to her. Elliott and Cooper are doing just fine. They have had a few little arguments and spats here and there, but seem to be the best of friends other than that. Cooper is definitely getting older. He still likes to cuddle, just not as much. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Elliott climbed into bed for a morning snuggle, much to Cooper’s dismay. To get back at me, Cooper ripped out my bathroom garbage. I don’t think he much cared for the Windex paper towels though.

I think all is fine with my sister. The boys are now in third and first grades. I just can’t believe that they are getting so big! It makes me a little sad that in just five years, Niklas will be a teenager. And I will be nearing 40, but that is something else entirely.

Health wise I am a little concerned. I had some lab work drawn a couple of weeks ago and I got my results and I am at a really high risk for some cardio event. That is code for heart attack. I have made an appointment with my provider and am going to try to figure something out. It is really weighing on my mind. I am trying, but it is just so damn hard. But that is all depressing.

What else? Work is fine. It is a little slow right now, in case you couldn’t tell. But when it is hopping it is hopping and when it is slow, it is slow.

So I promise to be back with some photo goodness soon. I plan on uploading photos tonight and will get them uploaded by tomorrow afternoon! I also vow to be a better blogger and write more often. I need more readers to keep me motivated. Hell, I need to know I have readers.


Heather said…
So glad to be hearing from you again. Will be looking forward to your photos. I have been crocheting an afghan and ran out of yarn and couldn't get more. arg. Fortunately my sister brought me some this weekend. Hope to have an update photo next week.

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