SWF Looking for Time

I think I owe you all a couple of posts. I just have been so preoccupied with stuff that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and do it. I remembered late on Thursday that it was Thursday and then I couldn’t come up with a 13 that was interesting. I even looked over some of my old stuff, but decided that My 13 Favorite Letters of the Alphabet was bad the first time I did it, and there was no need to repeat it! And then I wasn’t feeling Friday Fill Ins either! Oh the horror!

I have been reading a lot lately and it seems like I am always cleaning. Every night it seems that I am picking up crap off the floor and stacking it somewhere else and then putting it back on the floor. I have this problem with putting stuff away when I am done with it. Being that I am tired of “cleaning up”, I have dug out my copy of Kick the Clutter and hope to read some of it to figure out how to get myself streamlined and simplified. I keep everything! I need to just get rid of it. But I need someone to tell me how to pick and chose what to keep and then tell me what I should do with it. If I can conquer my house, then perhaps I can conquer what is in the garage.

I spent a good portion of Sunday morning cleaning out my small living room. My small living room that is packed with furniture. I have taken out my indoor/outdoor wicker love seat and in just about 45 minutes to an hour will be receiving my brand new green recliner! I cannot tell you how happy I am. I have been wanting one for quite a while but I thought that they were much cheaper than they are! I was sticker shocked that is for sure. But when Mom turned me on to a local sale with free, yes FREE delivery, I just couldn’t resist. And that they could deliver it today and that I could leave a little early just sealed the deal. I have been doing little happy dances thinking about it. Well not so much when it came time to get that love seat out of the tiny room. I had to take the door off the hinges, jammed my fingers a few times, but finally it is in storage and is no longer my problem. The room is pretty much ready to go, I just have to put a few things in place once it is in and I can realize its true size.

I don’t have a lot of time to be cleaning or playing around tonight. I have decided to sort of go back to school. And when I say school, I mean study at home. I am doing a criminal justice program and I get to totally set the pace and pay the price. I was so happy when my first set of materials arrived last week that I promptly set about getting a plan and schedule done. Then on Tuesday I got right to work on chapter one. And then I stalled. I was supposed to study on Wednesday, but game six was on and I really had to see Chicago hoist the Stanley Cup and then Thursday So You Think You Can Dance was on and then Friday I was busy cleaning and Saturday I was busy slacking off and then yesterday was more cleaning, plus I wanted to finish my book and well here I sit on Monday with only chapter one done when I thought I would be taking my first exam today. I suck at life. But tonight, I have to read chapter two. Even if I have to forsake eating and sleeping, I need to get that done. I have a lull at work this entire week and it is the perfect time to do my notes and such. Shh…don’t tell anyone.

The weather was glorious the last couple of days. In fact last night I went to sleep without any covers. It is all due to change though the next few days as someone mentioned yesterday that we could see snow on Wednesday. Yes, you read that correctly, I said snow. I live in Montana and it has been known to snow on the 4th of July before, so really it is not unusual or hard for me to write that.

Speaking of writing. So many little signs have been popping up telling me that I should start writing again. First, my sister got me a book for my birthday with writing exercises, then I found all of my old writings and by old I mean four years or more. Plus all these things have been flooding my brain. So, if I can find the time, I think I will do some concept sheets and scenes. I don’t know that it will ever work itself into any complete volume, but it will at least let me see if I have grown any over the last four years or so. I was reading some old stuff today and I am a bit embarrassed by some of it and then I am in awe of some of it as well. Don’t expect to see the next great tome anytime soon from me.

I just wonder where I expect to find the time to study, read, craft and write?  Anyone have some extra they can send my way?

I hope to have some project photos and posts up in the next few days. So stay tuned.


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