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When people start dying in strange ways in Minneapolis, everyone wonders what the murderer will do next--everyone except the employees of Monkeewrench Software, who are all too aware that their new serial-killer computer game is the model for the crimes. They go to the police with the what, where, and when of the next murders and quickly become suspects themselves as the killer strikes again exactly as they predict. Does the closely knit group of coworkers know something they're not telling about the all-important who and why? The missing pieces come eventually from an unlikely source as a rural Wisconsin sheriff links his own chilling case to the Minneapolis murders. The two teams of detectives--one from the big city and one from the small town but both with their own quirks, love interests, and insights--provide the sparkle in this engaging debut thriller by a mother-daughter writing team who lace their suspense with humor a la Harlan Coben

LdyPngn’s Review

I received this book in a Ravelry swap sometime last March and I just put it on the shelf thinking that I would probably never read it. Well I am so happy that I found it when I was cleaning because I absolutely loved every minute of it!

The mother-daughter writing team that is P.J. Tracy is outstanding. I loved everything about this book. I loved the chapter length, while not as compact as James Patterson, they were not overly long and unnecessarily drawn out. I loved the characters from Sheriff Mike Halloran and his best friend Bonar to Detective Leo Magozzi and the Monkeewrench crew. The dialogue was spot on and in parts so incredibly humorous, you can’t help but laugh out loud. It was easy to find your way around with vivid descriptions and insight. And while there were a lot of peripheral characters, you were able to get to know them a little and you could feel what they felt. My most favorite reference was to Roadrunner of the Monkeewrench crew when Gino referred to him as the “human pencil” due to is full length, trademark yellow lycra biking suit he wears.

I cannot wait to pick up more of Tracy’s books. Another well done series premiere that will cement this duo of authors in my hall of fame.

Rating: 5 out of 5 bookmarks

Recommendation: Fiction readers, murder mystery, detective/police procedural


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