RR: 8th Confession


A killer picks off San Francisco's super-rich one by one–without a leaving so much as shred of evidence behind. And a street preacher and patron saint to the homeless is brutally beaten and left to die. What secrets lurk behind his mantle of holiness? Meanwhile, danger strikes close to home when an unexpected romance threatens to tear the girls apart. In the 8th Women's Murder Club, the stakes are high, but the truth is shrouded. Who will confess?


This was the first book written with Maxine Paetro that did not feature a full on trial. I must say I appreciated that a lot! I enjoyed all three stories that were going on in the book, two main and one “throw in”. Again, something that I had just read about and learned in “class” showed up in this book and I was all giddy because I knew what the “Allen Charge” was.

Patterson has a way of gripping the reader at the very beginning. There are several books where I have not been engrossed until a quarter or more of the way in. JP does it right from the very first line!

I blogged the other day that I was very nervous about how the Joe/Lindsay relationship was going to play out in this book. I am a HUGE fan of Joe’s and sometimes I just want to “Gibbs Smack” Lindsay for the things she does. I was very much appeased with the ending and I am very much anticipating the arrival of 9th Judgment. I just ordered it today!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Recommendation: Fiction fans, Patterson fans, WMC fans


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