Cheating in 52

*Sigh* I am so upset. Last year I did the 52in52 project challenge on Ravelry and started and completed 52+ projects in the allotted time and so I was ready to do it again this year, only try to have more challenging projects. Well it officially began yesterday and there are already several finished objects for June. And by finished objects, I mean big mother projects. Two shawls, a large bag, a vest, a sweater and skirt combo, a sock. I just don’t feel that it was in the spirit of the challenge. Finishing something that you had 99% done doesn’t seem quite fair. I purposefully didn’t start something new over the long weekend waiting for the June 1 start. Had I done stuff over the weekend, I would have had completed projects too as I am sure some of the people just had to sew in the ends. That, in my opinion, is cheating and I am not down with that. So, I will do the challenge on my own. They even had other challenges this year with a points system. It is all a bit skewed and I just don’t like the direction the group is going with the new moderator. I think that she, in trying to garner more excitement, has completely destroyed the idea of the challenge.

That being said, I did wait and last night I started the Princess from Itty Bitty Toys’ Princes and the Pea set. I am using Knit Picks Comfy. I have the doll “finished”. I have to do her arms tonight and then get her hair installed, her face embroidered and then I can stuff her and sew her up. After that I plan on starting on a mattress. The project needs to be ready to go by August 10th so I am pacing myself as to not go completely insane and totally hate it doing it. Somewhere around 11 mattresses need to be made! I am thinking about cheating and doing some in fabric. I have loads of cute fabric lying around.

On Monday I worked up a couple of panels for a stained glass blanket I want to do. I fear it will be a long project as it is all garter and quite boring. 81 rows in the large panel and then 28 in the small diamond and 14 in the half diamond. Yeah it’s going to take some time. I chose the ugliest color to start it in too. I am using scrap yarns. I would have loved to have used Cascade Superwash (the pattern used Cascade 220), but that would be a bit spendy and I have loads of scrap yarn.

Part of my 52in52 goal is to use as much of the yarn I purchased prior to yesterday. I have lots to use up that’s for sure.

I also started my 52 books in 52 weeks yesterday as well. I am 100 pages into my first book, The 6th Target by James Patterson. I finished four books in May, so I hope to keep on the same track for the next year. I try to read at least 40 pages per day, but if I am having an off day, I am trying to read at least ten pages per day. I think I am averaging somewhere around 47 right now.

I am trying to journal more about time spent on projects. Sometimes I think people must think I am the slowest knitter on earth by looking at when I start and finish projects. That is not necessarily the case. I am a slow knitter, but sometimes I start something and then do something else and then come back. Like now, I will finish up the Princess body and then put it away for a while to work on some stuff for swaps and finish up a baby outfit (still waiting on the damned yarn to arrive). So, if I can note in my book each night how much time I spent on each project then I can really say, this project to x number of hours to make. Like last night, I spent an hour and a half on the doll’s body. And that baby outfit is going super fast…or was until I ran out of yarn. It shouldn’t take much tomorrow or Friday to finish up.

How funny is it to refer to tomorrow as Thursday? Okay, maybe not for some of you, but for me the worker bee it is quite lovely. I spent most of today doing all those little things that I keep putting off. Some filing, some cleaning, etc. Tomorrow begins the nitty gritty of the beginning of the month for me. It is also bank day and it will be crazy tomorrow because all the SS checks and welfare is deposited tomorrow. Joy.

Well I don’t have any photos to share. Hopefully later this week I will have something. I will post a Wreck This Journal later…after I take the photo. I am really excited about this and tomorrow you can check in for Thursday 13!


Heather said…
Were there no rules to the 52 challange that only projects started on june 1 or after count? That would make sense.

Oh well, you do what you do and share your progress with us. That works for me. I enjoy seeing your projects.

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