52in52 I Quit You - Come Join Me WYC53

I am so totally quitting this bitch!  I don't need some sort of organized challenge that makes the shit up as it suits each person...it becomes less of a challenge.  So, follow me on my own challenge with my own self-imposed guidelines. 

LdyPngn (which I should mention reads Lady Penguin and not Lady Pigeon) What You Can in 53* or WYC53*.  And you know what, since it is my challenge, I am making my start date May 1, 2010.  You know why?  Because I finished more than 52 projects between June 1, 2009 and May 1, 2010!  And I started tracking May 1, so it makes sense.
*because sometimes you need an extra week.

Here are my guidelines

1. Use stash as much as possible for all projects

2. Knit at least two things for myself

3. Knit one shawl or wrap (may purchase yarn for this)

4. Knit/Crochet five (5) hats

5. Knit mittens

6. Knit twelve (12) dishcloths

7. Knit/Crochet twelve (12) stuffies for charity

8. Knit/Crochet one (1) blanket/throw

9. Knit something in lace weight

10. Knit entrelac/garterlac

11. Knit/Crochet twenty six (26) projects from patterns already in library

12. All projects must be started and completed between the May 1, 2010 - April 30, 2011 time frame!

Gah, I have no life!  I seriously work, knit, eat (way too much), read and sleep.  Occassionally I clean.  Oh and well I spend way too much time on the internet.  But if I had a life, you wouldn't all get to waste time reading my nonsense!  Silver lining!

My new philosophy is "No Crafting Under Pressure*"
*except at Christmas and birthdays oh and Easter and Mother's Day


Heather said…
This is going to be exciting to follow your progress through these fun projects. wow. My plan this year was 3 afghans, but had to add a fourth due to a visitor who'll be here at christmas. Also to make a bunch of hats and maybe try some washcloth patterns to learn new stitches.
Jia said…
Wow!! I cant even imagine getting so much crocheted up in a year

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