WTJ Wednesday: Vol 1 Post 2

I haven't done much on the Wreck This Journal project, but I thought I would share a little snippit of some stuff I have been working on.

First up is the Burn This Page feature.  Now, normally I shy away from setting things on fire, but since they said to I did.  I did use extreme caution and it is very much a work in progress.  Did you know that burning paper smells awful and arouses suspicion? 

Next was the Coffee page.  Now I am not really a coffee drinker, so I took this to mean you favorite caffienated beverage of choice.  So, here you will find some drips of diet Dr. Pepper and some of my favorite in blended drinks, Chocolate Chai Yoguccino!

I have some exciting pages coming up to work on.  I am hoping to get some done over the long weekend!  WooHoo...long weekend!


Heather said…
Great to see your progress. My daughter is having such fun with hers.

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