Thursday Thirteen: What's in Your Purse?

Thirteen Things Found In My Purse

  1. Gum - lots of gum right now
  2. Book - always have reading material with you in case you get stuck in a huge drive-thru line
  3. Planner - to keep track of what is going on in my life (yes it is pretty empty)
  4. Lip balm - to keep my lips soft for that special someone (sure hope he shows up soon)
  5. Eye drops - you never know when someone with a cat will run into you
  6. Ipod - has all my to do lists, and games for when I am stuck in a waiting room
  7. Cell Phone - sure nobody has called it in over a week, but still nice to have on hand
  8. Pens - to jot down all those important appointments and shopping lists
  9. USB drives - my portable/virtual repository of patterns, checkbook, photos
  10. Wallet - well duh...why carry a purse if not to hold your wallet
  11. Debit card - my life line.  I rarely have any cash on me
  12. Dental floss - sometimes you just need to floss
  13. Excedrin Migraine - it is a miracle worker on the most stubborn headaches
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**how funny is it that my 213th post is a Thursday 13?!?**


colleen said…
My grandson's diaper. Unused of course!
Heather said…
I don't use a purse. I just carry my wallet, when ever I do have a purse the rest of the family wants me to carry their stuff. oh too heavy poor shoulder.

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