Thursday Thirteen: What Do You Do For Fun?

Thirteen Things I Did for Fun This Week
  1. Colored in a coloring book
  2. Finished reading How to Knit a Love Song
  3. Painted my toenails
  4. Played Dream Day Wedding: Las Vegas
  5. Turned the radio up real loud and sang along
  6. Shopped for gifts
  7. Knit a dishcloth
  8. Crocheted a ?shh…can’t tell
  9. Played poker
  10. Wrecked my journal
  11. Entertained the idea of doing some creative writing
  12. Got down on the floor and played with Elliott
  13. Slept in
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Mysti Holiday said…
Why'd you wreck your journal? ... sounds like a fun week!
Brenda ND said…
Yep, sleeping in can be great fun. Happy TT!
Frances said…
Coloring in a coloring book sounds like fun.
I love to turn the radio way up loud and sing aloud too.
I played TT too.
Hope you get to do lots more fun things this week.
Alice Audrey said…
Coloring books and poker, you lead a widely varied life.
Sleeping in sounds like adream right now.
The best I can hope for is 3 kids napping at the same time for more than 15 minutes.
The Bumbles said…
Oh I love your list. I painted my toenails too! And sang along with a really loud cheesy Def Leppard song by myself in the car. I wreck my own books all the time so I don't need the practice but I love that Wreck My Journal challenge - so fun to watch people learn to let go. But I am very jealous that you played with a coloring book. The closest I get to that is the kid's menu at a restaurant when out with the nieces and nephews. Here's to another fun week!
Heather said…
I guess my most fun was at fencing. Hitting kids with a sword always seems fun to me.

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