FP: Fields of Blue Pillow

Finished Project: Fields of Blue Pillow

Pattern Source: My brain
Begin Date: 5/5/10

End Date: 5/5/10
Craft: Sewing
Yarn/Paper/Fabric/Other: Joann Calico Cotton Print
Needles/Hooks/Other: Sewing machine
Notions: Pillow square
Modifications: None

The Journey:

A while ago I had crocheted a giant granny square, okay so 16" or so isn't giant, but still it was bigger than anything I had really done.  Orginally it was supposed to turn into a blanket, but it just wasn't going to happen, so I finished it off and bought this fabric I thought would be perfect with it.  The plan was to sew a pillow cover and then stitch the granny square on the front of it. 

So I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work on making the pillow cover.  It turned out just like I wanted, okay it was a little off in the back, but it was the back!  Then I sat down with my sewing box, granny square and pillow and realized that the granny square was way bigger than I thought it was and it was not going to work.  So, I tossed the gs aside and changed the pillow form from a 16" to a 14" and now I have a very pretty throw pillow to gift.  It is a win situation.

As for the large granny square, I am thinking that it makes a nice doily of sorts for someone's nightstand.  So, see a win again.

And a close up of the fabric


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