Thursday Thirteen: What About Me

It’s been quite a while since I have done a Thursday Thirteen, but I think it is time to get back into the habit. They are fun and can be quite insightful.

Thursday Thirteen: What About Me?

1. My initials spell HAM – not sure Mom and Dad thought about that when naming me.
2. I am an Aries, but feel more like a Pisces.
3. My/The boys are my dogs, Elliott & Cooper
4. When I am alone and the radio is turned up loud enough, I am an awesome singer and can take on everyone from Fergie to Thelma Houston.
5. I go to bed fully clothed and sometimes wake up fully unclothed.
6. When I knit, sometimes I cheat.
7. When I crochet, sometimes I cheat.
8. I love hidden object games and puzzles.
9. I am a total spoiler whore! I have to know what is going to happen on my favorite and not so favorite shows before it happens!
10. I have a weird obsession with office supply hoarding.
11. I have random thoughts, like “have you ever seen a cow pee?” and “I wonder how long before an action movie has someone crash through an open sunroof using a parachute on a busy highway/roadway”
12. I have baby fever and no real hope of having a baby
13. I excel at procrastination

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Anonymous said…
This is a really creative T13 idea, I enjoyed reading it :)
Heather said…
I just ate a huge glob of cream cheese frosting left over from icing the cake I made.
Divaa Divine said…
whaooo procrastination yayyy

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