A So Sew Weekend

It is so amazing that we can have nice spring like weather one day and then frigid winter like weather the next. Today it is overcast, a bit windy and a tad on the chillier side of things. It was so overcast that I had to turn my office light on for a bit this morning. I am not one to turn my light on if I don’t have to, so it was pretty dark. It finally “lightened” up a bit so that I could turn it off. I much prefer the natural light to work in. Ha, work.

The weekend was chilly, it is a good thing I decided to do some ironing and sewing so I could burn my fingers and keep them warm! I had intended on cutting out the fabric for one of the car trash bags I was making for Mom, but once it was cut out, I decided to just sew it up. It went together fairly well and I was still motivated, so I cut and sewed the second as well.

And because I am not able to hold on to anything for any length of time, I gifted them to her early. Kind of a “congratulations you sold your car, here is something for your new car” gift.

I have loads of the base fabric left over to make myself some. I just want to find a contrasting fabric with some red in it. I have some more projects that I would like to cut the fabric for this weekend. I am dying to use some of this fabulous apply green and turquoise fabric. It is so pretty! So maybe on Saturday I will make another afternoon of sewing. Practice makes perfect right?

I picked up Sipalu again on Wednesday and eeked out two rows. Then I squeezed another two out on Thursday. Then I thought disaster had struck again, so I took out the waste yarn and put those stitches on another 32” cable. I think everything is okay. I think this project is much better suited as a summer project as it is hard to work on while watching television. And I definitely cannot work on it around others. I can’t talk and read a chart at the same time. So I think that I am going to get some other projects done while the prime time season winds down, as well as the playoffs and then grab my ipod and just zone out and work on it this summer.

I am working on a little amigurumi right now. Just two more appendages and some stitching and it will be done. I didn’t know how big it was going to turn out as the picture is quite deceiving. It is the perfect size for little hands or a desk though. I hope to finish up those two appendages tonight and then finish the eyes and have him or her already by tomorrow night. Then I have a couple of bag patterns that I would like to try my hand at. Plus I want to do the Itty Bitty Hippo from Itty Bitty Toys. I have some Happy Feet that I think will be perfect with a touch of Koigu for the pads on his/her feet. I love to knit and now crochet toys. I just think they are so much fun and take on a personality when you add their little face detail. I could totally see myself focusing on toys the way some people focus on socks and sweaters. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I will never be a sweater knitter. And it doesn’t look like I am going to pick up socks anytime soon either. So toys and bags it will be for me.

This first round of playoffs have had some interesting games. Pittsburgh has advanced and are awaiting either Washington or Montreal (my hope is Montreal). New Jersey lost to Philly and then their coach retired. Colorado put up a good fight, but ultimately fell to San Jose. Detroit and Phoenix are heading into game 7. Chicago nearly fell to Nashville and Vancouver was given a run for their money by Los Angeles, but came out on top. And Boston outlasted Ryan Miller and the Sabres. Nobody was swept in the first round and nobody could have predicted Washington and Montreal going to a game 7. Makes you wonder how the teams will regroup going into the conference semi’s.

The family has been well. Mom is continuing to work hard and I know some days she doesn’t see the end of one job and the beginning of the next, but rather them melding together. I see the daily frustrations getting to her and keep praying for the weather to get better so she can get out and work in her yard. We had a gate installed to block off the entire back of the house. The boys can no longer be on the other side or by the garage. This will be so much better and Mom can use that area for her flowers and she has some great plans. As I mentioned she sold the Taurus this weekend after having the ad in for one day! The first caller came and took it home for their granddaughter. The boys have been fairly good. They did have a little fight last Thursday. I think they are both protective of the little girl next door and she just loves them. So when one gets to close the other goes after the other. Cooper could use a bath. Well they both could, but Coop is supposed to be white and he is no where near that. I took him out on Saturday to brush him and give him a wipe down with bath wipes. It didn’t help. I think all it did was make him cold. Oh well I tried. He finally snuggled with me on Sunday evening. He hasn’t snuggled with me in quite a while and finally we were able to on Sunday. I was happy, I hope he was.

We are considering having a shed built. Just considering right now. Cost, size, placement are all factors before committing. The contractor who did the bathroom remodel is willing to do this so Mom is conversing with him about price and what nots. I will keep you posted.

Birthdays are coming in just a few weeks. I am getting ready to place my orders on Friday, as soon as I learn that the check is in the bank. I am just going to pay for shipping to get it here on time so I can mail it out. One will be early, I just hope the other is not late. Darn me for procrastinating and spending money foolishly. I am stuck on a Mother’s Day gift. Any ideas on what to get a lady who says she doesn’t want anything?

I am clicking along with How to Knit a Love Song. The writing is awesome and really flows. The chapters are the perfect size. I can’t wait to see what happens.

As far as the rest of my list goes, I did complete Where the Wild Things Are. Of course it is a children’s book so it took no time at all to read. I often wonder how some children’s books become phenomenal hits. When I first read this story I thought it was a little sad. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further. The little boy is sent to bed without dinner (do parents really do this? I never had that happen to me). So he goes off to this far away place and realizes (if I recall correctly) how much he misses him home (tear) and decides to go back, where the happy ending is that there is dinner waiting for him…in his room…alone. While I was very happy his mom brought him some dinner, I think it is sad that he is left to eat alone. Maybe I was just having a lonely day and was a little down, but really some of the scariest characters and stories (read Grinch) are hits among kids.

I wish I had a little girl. That would give me a legitimate reason to read the Junie B Jones series. I read a Christmas book in that series and totally loved it, but I can’t really justify buying the series just for me to read. I wouldn’t mind rereading some Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary stories as well. There are so many great lines of books out there for kids now I sometimes want to go back to that simpler time in life and take full advantage of summer reading challenges.

Sorry I don’t have more photos to leave you with, but I didn’t know that you would all enjoy photos of the screen shots on my games!

I will leave you with some Currents though.

Current Book: How to Knit a Love Song – Rachael Herron

Current Online Obsession: Google Reader

Current Craft Obsession: Crochet

Current Music: Sirius 3/8/1/36 & Glee Madonna Album

Current Games: CSI NY and Righteous Kill from Big Fish Games

Current Color: Green

Current Television Obsessions: Vampire Diaries/Grey’s Anatomy/Playoff Hockey


Heather said…
love the bag you made for your mom.
you could check at a thrift store for some of those children's books. I know that I often see the Beverly Cleary ones.

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