FP: Finn

Finished Project: Finn

Pattern Source: Footsie Frog Amigurumi
Begin Date: 4/25/10
End Date: 4/27/10
Craft: Crochet
Yarn/Paper/Fabric/Other: Crappy Acrylic Vanna's Choice Olive
Needles/Hooks/Other: F hook
Notions: Fiber fill
Modifications: None

The Journey:
This little pattern just called to me. Such a cute little guy to say no to. I decided to go with a darker green and the only darker green I had was this Vanna's because it seemed a bit froggy to me. He works up really fast (I know it shows three days, but I do a little and then I do something else, then do a little more and then work got in the way too.)

Once I finished him up on Tuesday night, it was time for his naming ceremony, so I pulled up Nymbler and got to work finding a suitable name. Being green and all, I thought an Irish name to be appropriate and then I had Chris O'Donnell running through my mind because NCIS: Los Angeles was on and I remembered him as Finn on Grey's Anatomy, so he got his name and his brand spanking new name badge.

Finn is at home with his new momma Heather, who just happens to be my mom's assistant and who also happens to share my name and birth year and who took over her father's frog collection upon his passing. Reports are that she is quite pleased and I know that he is happy too.


Heather said…
Finn is wonderful.

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