Could it be? Really an update? O-M-G!

April is just slipping away. The first week of the month was pretty eventful as my sister and her family visited. The weather was pretty typical for Montana Spring, meaning it was very cold. Their last day it snowed a touch making their drive home a bit longer and slower. It was a great visit. I learned how to crochet amigurumi and how to work that foundation chain/first row. I even sat down and finished a few projects. Little boys are exhausting by the way. I am totally amazed at how they just go and go and never want to take a nap or just relax. If only they had the foresight to know that they should take the time now to nap and relax because once they get older, they will be begging to do it and won’t be able to. Ahh…to be young again. Well I am still young because if 60 is the new 40, 50 is the new 30, 40 the new 20, and 30 the new 10! Hey, I should be getting recess breaks!

Work has been kind of crazy too. It seems I have been super busy this month! I am 96% sure it was that I took 3 and a half days off to visit with the family. But I have gotten a lot of little stuff done. I have a renewed interest in my ipod and have been going crazykins with aps! I am now utilizing a lot of my to do applications. I use the Franklin Covey one for work and am trying out a couple of different ones for personal use. I am a list fiend. I just love them. Oh and I have been playing video games like crazy too. Someone turned me on to Big Fish Games and the James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club games and I am addicted to puzzle games now. I didn’t crawl into bed until almost eleven o’clock last night and then I played on my touch for a while.

With all the game playing I have let my crafting slide a bit. Well that is not entirely true. I was all gangbusters on Monday and Tuesday about starting the Sipalu bag on Wednesday. I researched provisional cast ons and thought I had all I needed. Wednesday night arrives and at roughly six o’clock I settled in to cast on and got all the stitches cast on and started purling that first row and I was a stitch short! So, rrrriiiiiipppp. Cast on again, count five times, begin to purl (tight stitches having a hard time getting past the join, but I push on) and now I am two stitches short! WTF? How can that happen? So, rrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppp, cry, begin again. The third time is the charm right? I have all the stitches cast on, start purling, count to make sure I am on track, things going pretty good. Then, something weird happens, I can’t get the stitches past the join no matter how hard I try. How did this happen? I didn’t think I cast on super tight and once I actually go to work the stitch it is as loose as Madonna. Ugh. I finally realize that it is not going to happen, so I rip it out and wind my balls back up and put it away. Five hours wasted. Forward to Thursday and I spend some time watching more provisional cast on videos and find the one that makes the most sense. Crocheted cast on with waste yarn! Perfect. Work a full day, get a massage, have dinner, settle in with Bones and my hook and yarn. After two hours, I have successfully cast on and purled that first row. Did I mention that it was a 240 stitch cast on? No? I should have, because it makes sense why I bawled my eyes out after…I went to work that first row of the fair isle pattern and find out that I used the wrong color on that first row! The wrong color. The entire time I had been working on this, I had been using the wrong color! So, after composing myself and apologizing to the entire household for my meltdown, decide to, instead of recasting on, just tink back to the cast on. I reversed purled. Yeah, it took a long time to do that. I haven’t been able to really look at the project since then. I know what is waiting for me, a 32” US 2 circular with 240 pink stitches waiting to be worked in Marine.

So, I have been playing games rather than communicating with Sipalu. I did manage to eek out a few rows on my Masa bag. Just a few though. I have so much that I want to do that I feel guilty working on any of it! Can someone explain that to me? Because I just don’t get it.

I was so excited to find out that my local book haunt had Rachael Herron’s How To Knit A Love Story Song. I went right in on Wednesday afternoon and looked all around for it. I searched high and low. I searched children’s and the x-rated shelf (hey, you never know) and it was nowhere. I dreaded asking the horrid lady for help because she is so mean. But I did it and I asked and then she looked in the same place I had looked no less than five times and then she said, “It just came in today. Do you want it?” Believe me lady, I would have rather gnawed off my arm with my own teeth than ask you for help, so yeah I want it. So far, I have read the first chapter…damn games. Anyways, this leads in to my reading list. I have a small list of things that I want to read before the end of the year. I would like to get it all done by the end of summer, but I just never know when the reading bug is going to bite. My list includes:

1. How to Knit a Love Song – Rachael Herron

2. 3rd Degree – James Patterson

3. In the Dark – Brian Freeman

4. Kisscut – Karin Slaughter

5. Leadership & Self Discipline – The Harbinger Institute

6. 4th of July – James Patterson

7. Needled to Death – Maggie Sefton

8. The Trouble with Magic – Madelyn Alt

9. Heat Wave – Richard Castle (need to get a hold of this)

10. The Memory Collector – Meg Gardiner (need to get this too)

11. Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

I don’t expect to read them in that order, but that is what I hope to read. I hope to finish at least one this month. Two would be great, but at least one. I guess I am running out of time, so I better get on that.

Has anyone every used the Kindle reader on Iphone/Itouch? I have the reader, but have never actually purchased and read a book on it. But, that would be a way to get The Memory Collector. I don’t know, I am kind of old fashioned, I like to hold the book and feel the pages. I am all for technology, but I could never loan anyone a book if it was on kindle. Hmm…have to really think about that. I would have no problem if they were a bit cheaper. I don’t see the point in paying five or six dollars for kindle edition when I can get a paperback for eight. Then there is always the electronic space consideration too. I guess I should check my library. I know they don’t have Heat Wave, but maybe they have the Meg Gardiner book.

Well I guess I will leave you with some pictures of some stuff I have been working on and finishing up.

First up, Blanche (Itty Bitty Toys, Itty Bear - Tofutsies yarn) for my Aunt's birthday

Next, some flip flop socks to go with my new Sketcher Tone Ups.  Just ignore the toe hair (it is a sign of good circulation in your feet...according to my mother)
Then we have ALL the yarn for Sipalu
Then an iCozy for the iTouch/iPhone
Then we have Meddy - my first finished crochet project (thanks to my excellent sister for walking me through this and totally fixing/doing her head)

Then we have my first solo crochet project - Hippy the Purple Hippo (I threw in a couple of jingle bells for a rattle and she is now at home with baby Addison)

My work in progress Masa bag

And finally some yarn that I am going to attempt to sew into something useful.


Heather said…
you have been busy. eeks with all the casting on. such a drag to count wrong. try putting counters every so many stitches and then you don't have to keep recounting all the stitches. Will be looking forward to your project progress.
I think I have read one of the James Patterson books and the Wild Things, but none of the others.

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