I thought I should catch you all up on the goings on in my world. I have decided that I am a one blog kind of girl, so I am shutting down Knitting Knotebook and just posting all my fun stuff here. Especially since I can never remember to post over there (or here!).

I am going to be 34 tomorrow. Thirty Four. Just one more year left in my early thirties. I would love for so much to happen in this one year. 365 days to make some big changes in my life. I totally think I can do it, I just need to focus and push myself. I would love to come back in a year and say that 34 was MY year. I would love to go into my mid thirties a completely different person. I wish I would have thought about all this a few weeks ago instead of just in the past few hours. But, tomorrow I am starting to make the change and damn it I am going to come back here next year and show how I have changed.

The only positive thing about getting older is getting gifts. There seems to come a point in you life where you no longer know what you want for your birthday. I think it is somewhere around your late twenties. You realize that you are an adult and usually get the things you want for yourself and then are at a loss when your sister calls you up and asks you what you want. Unless you are a knitter have my sister, who calls you up and demands that you update your Knit Picks wish list. But then you are at a loss as to what to tell your mom what you want for your birthday. Thankfully your aunts do not ask and just give you cash.

It is so funny the other day Mom was perusing Amazon looking for things to buy and she recently discovered the whole wish list options and asked me if I had a wish list (which I have sent her many many times) and she was looking at my list and commented that some of the things have been on my list for two years. I told her I knew this as I have been giving her that same list for two years. I don’t think she bought anything on that list.

I am preparing for my sister’s arrival in just a few days. I have volunteered to dust the house on Thursday night after my much awaited massage. I much prefer dusting to vacuuming. I was informed that I had to use dust polish and move items. I would like you all to know that this is not something I had to be informed about, as I have dusted before and am perfectly aware of how to do it. I also have to prepare the clues for the Easter morning treasure hunt. I honestly think I have a few really good ones. I would like to get my car washed as it is new and they have not seen it, but I am just not sure that is going to happen as I think our weather is going to change soon. Yes, rain and snow are in the forecast. Figures. I have already adjusted my working schedule to be more non-working. I am going to drag myself in at 6:00 a.m. on Monday and will be leaving after the bank run and then I won’t return until Friday. Three days off. I will pay for it in the end, but eh…it’s not like I get to see my sister every day. Once or twice a year. Plus, she is going to teach me how to crochet. Like really crochet and not just how to do one very generic granny square. She knows it too…or at least she does now 

I have received all the yarn needed to start the Sipalu bag. I am going to work on it during Stanley Cup Playoffs. It is the perfect project to take me from April to June. I think. I am really good at listening to hockey and knitting so I think I can focus on the charts and listen to the game at the same time. Plus I usually watch hockey alone so nobody will be interrupting me while I knit. Except for possibly the idiot broadcasters.

I figure in about a week or so I will have a new blog to follow. I fully intend on tying my sister down and not letting her leave until we set up her blog. It is high time that I have someone on my blog roll. We will simply send her husband off to the gym and her children out into the frozen tundra with Granny and we will get down to business.

I am done knitting the Baby Bear from Itty Bitty Toys. And Oh My God I love Susan B Anderson so much that I am going to knit everything in that book! Seriously I am. All I have to do is embroider little bears face and he will be ready for gifting to my aunt. I have plans to knit one of the three bears of Susan’s from the Spud & Chloe blog for the same aunt for Christmas. Finally a toy designer who does it in the round! So pleased with how things are turning out. I have rekindled my love for my dpns as opposed to my circulars. I even busted out my metal Bates last night as the wood was just a little too grippy for me. Yay! I would still like to get some Harmony DPNs though. I don’t know about the nickel Options though as my interchangeables cause serious injury to my finger when knitting with them. I am a tight knitter, although I don’t think so as I used to be much tighter. So tight that I couldn’t even get my needle in the stitch sometimes.

I got some fabu Sketcher Tone Up flip flops for my birthday and now I have to knit some flip flop socks because they are rubbing a sore on the top of my foot. But at least it is a sock without a heal and stitches to pick up! I think it should go rather smoothly. I also get to use some of my fabulous sock yarn that I have had no idea what to do with. I hope to make a few different pairs as I like to wear flip flops and this would add a bit of interest, even if it does cover up my beautiful tattoo. Plus it will give me a chance to show off my knitting a bit.

Well it is about that time. That great time where I get to go shopping with birthday money for something beautiful to wear.


Heather said…
regardless of where you write, I'll still be following. Should make it ;more streamline for you to only have one place to keep up to date.

Happy Birthday.

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