Ravelympics: Day Three

Day 3 of the 2010 Ravelympics is coming to a close and I have completed three Jelly Bum Hippos. Fiona crossed the finish line yesterday afternoon, followed today by Miriam and Iris. Tomorrow promises to be another full day of knitting with grand hopes of pulling two more across the line.

There have been a few trips to the Medic station to try and repair a gaping hole in my left index finger caused by my beloved Nickel Plated Options interchangeable size 4 tips. I am working through the pain, as the medical officials do not see a need for pain medication. Apparently, they have never had a large splitting hole in their fingers. I will prevail though. I have three other workable fingers on that hand and if need be, I could probably switch over to picking, even though it slows me down as I have not yet developed great tension using that method.

The knitting venue is great. I haven’t had much of a chance to explore Ravelympic Village, as I have been concentrating on competition, but I hope that some time will free up in the next few days and I can scout it out.

Today I followed the Men’s Freestlye Mogul event, as a local skier was competing. I am happy to report that Bryon Wilson took the bronze for Team USA in that event. It is so surreal to think about this young alterboy, now an Olympic medalist. Such a great family and a very charming and polite young man. I am also happy that Canada won their first ever gold on Canadian soil.

So many feel good stories throughout the games has me reaching for my knitted fabric to dry my eyes at times. I think that is what I love the most about the Olympics, the stories. I am a little miffed at NBC for not showing stuff live! Perhaps in other time zones they are, but in my tz, things are delayed for the most part. I knew that Ohno won silver last night before it aired! And what was with all the luge today? Oh My God, I didn’t think they were ever going to finish! And then if that wasn’t boring enough, they throw in some cross country nordic skiing. And then to top it off, MSNBC had women’s hockey. I know, I love hockey. But, I love men’s hockey, not women’s. Too boring. I actually took a nap during the event. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

The boys have been great. Cooper was snuggly today and we ended up falling asleep together. I think he got hot though and moved right before we drifted completely off. It actually was good for me too, because I was on fire. Well part of me was, the other part was freezing because the blanket was half on/half off.

Well it is time for me to do some final stretches and prepare myself for tomorrow’s stiff competition.


Heather said…
Love your description of the knitting olympics, particularly your 'venue'. great going. Yes, i have also suffered that sports injury on my fingers. painful when the skin splits, ouch.

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