Mama Needs Some New Canadian Mittens!

So, one of my favorite blogs (that I stumbled onto by doing the Next Blog thing), is having a contest to win some totally fab Canadian Olympic Mitts. Oh how I would like these. While, I am not a Canadian, I am hoping that, provided the US cannot win gold in men’s hockey, my favorite current player will. Go Sidney Crosby! I would totally love to seem him win a gold medal to go with his Stanley Cup! I would point you all over there to enter the contest, but I don’t want you all to win. I want to win. BUT, I would point you over there to check out her stuff. I don’t quilt, but I do read and I just find the writings so interesting!

That is all I have. Well I have more, but I am just not in the place to write right now. Also I have photos, but they are not on this computer. So, wish me luck. Mama needs some new Canadian Mittens!

Eekers Bleekers!  This is my 200th Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said…
Thanks for making note of my contest. I really am looking forward to meeting more quilters/knitters/readers. I will be sitting on my sofa with my mittens on watching the Olympics and trying to figure out how to knit. Better be real big needles?

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