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So far 2010 has been quite promising.  I have been working on knitting and I have the sore fingers to prove it.  I have actually completed a project and am near completion of another and half way through a third!  Wow!  And, all of these were started in January.  Nothing carried over from 2009. 

As predicted I rang in the New Year with the East Coast.  I watched the ball drop with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin.  Then I quickly switched over to QVC to check out this year's price on the NutriSystem plan.  I stayed up a bit and flipped channels and absolutely nothing was on, so I eventually went to bed where I got a snuggle from Cooper and then just went to sleep. 

On January 1, as is customary, Mom and I headed out to the stores to see what was being sold and what we could not live without.  Turns out I was in need of a pair of bootie slippers (heavenly) and a large jar for pennies.  Mom was in need of some photo albums.  After that, it was home to spend the day working on projects.  (I don't have the photos uploaded, but promise later this week I will get them up).

January 2nd, we did some grocery shopping and then home for lunch and some more work on projects.  Much the same today.

It snowed on New Year's Eve and a bit on New Year's Day.  Only a week late!  Still not a big dump, just a bit to make the streets pretty sloggy and gross and to freeze our front walkway. 

So, onto my title.  Upon the suggestion of my sister, I rented Stardust and we watched that on Saturday night.  It is an adult fairy tale (not adult as in porn, just to clarify).  It was cute and I did enjoy it.  Robert De Niro is so good in comedic roles.  And this may be the only time you will see Michelle Pfeifer age!  Definitely well worth the $2.99 rental fee.

This afternoon we watched The Proposal.  Such a fun romantic comedy.  I laughed and laughed.  I do love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is quickly solidifying himself as the go to romantic comedy lead.  If you haven't seen Definitely Maybe, you should check that out too. 

I spent the rest of the last two weekends catching up on The Vampire Diaries.  If you are older, and by older I mean over the age of 26, you may want to check this out.  I am 33 and I rather enjoyed it.  I do think that Ian Somerhalder had something to do with that.  Perhaps had I known about him sooner, I would have tuned into Lost.

About a year and a half ago, I went looking for some reading material and found The Vampire Diaries and picked it up.  I never did get around to reading it, so now I am arming myself with it tonight and settling into bed to read.

Tomorrow it is back to work and watching what I eat and dying exercising.


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