Freak Accident

I have been wrestling with my list of goals for 2010. What do I want to accomplish this year? I have simply come up with this list…

1. Lose 50 pounds (at least)
2. Procrastinate less (especially when it comes to paying bills and work)
3. Read two books per month
4. Knit two hats per month (at least one adult) for donation
5. Knit one toy per month for donation

Five goals. It’s not much, but it is a start. So far, I am hitting one of those goals…sort of. I am doing pretty good with the procrastination thing…especially at work. And I did pay bills on Friday night instead of waiting. So, one point for me.

I am working on the 50 pounds. I just got Wii Fit Plus. OMG so much better than regular old Wii Fit. I had so much fun tonight. Maybe a little too much, as my head is sort of swimming right now. Eh…it’s worth it.

The two book thing is so not working for me. I have tried to pick up four (4!) books now and I just can’t get into any of them!  Boo. I am going to look for another one tonight to try. Ugh!

And I am going to cast on a hat tonight or tomorrow night, an adult hat. But I have been knitting. I have done two dishcloth KALs and a baby set plus booties. I am a rockstar with the needles right now!

My aunt got a new dog. I would say puppie, but she is nearly 2 years old. I sadly don’t have pictures because I forgot to take my camera with me this afternoon when we met little Bella. She is a shy girl, but she’s had a rough (no pun intended) life. She will have a great life with Parkie and Bob. Aunt Parkie says that Bella is starting to warm up to Bob and he is pretty smitten with her. I am so happy for my aunt.

Then there is some sad news…this is my beloved Harmony straight number four needle.

And this is the one that was accidentally killed in a freak accident on Saturday afternoon. It actually made me sort of ill when it happened. I just wanted to cry. I still cringe from the sound of the snapping. Oh it was horrible. Just the saddest thing this year.

Well I am going to update my Ravelry projects and check out a few bloggies.


Heather said…
I am so sad for you. My sister has some of those needles and they really are lovely.

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