It’s funny how fast plans can change. I am a huge list maker. I make lists for everything. A few weeks ago, as I was finishing up my Christmas knitting, I started to think of what I was going to do after. So, I open an Excel workbook and start plotting my 2010 knitting. I put it away for a while and finished up Christmas. In the meantime, I have set up a three ring notebook and started collecting patterns to work on for the New Year. Today I found the original Excel workbook and well only one thing (1) matches between the two “lists”! I blame it all on my brain. When I have time to relax and let my brain wander, it comes up with all these ideas of things I want to get done.

The last few days have been off days for me. I haven’t done any knitting since Christmas Day! I was going to spend a good chunk of Sunday knitting, but I had some errands to run and then I didn’t feel I had enough time before going to the ice show with my Aunt and young cousin. So, I didn’t do any. Then last night, I really wanted to get some things done around the house (putting gifts away, gathering patterns, sleeping), that I didn’t even pull out any needles. I wanted to get the cowl done before the clock strikes midnight January 1, but…unless I take a day off of work, I don’t see my energy levels being high enough to complete that. But then, technically it would be my first project of 2010. The silver lining.

I feel that Christmas gifting was a success this year. I worried because just a few days prior to Christmas, a link appeared in an email to an article about the “worst holiday gifts” and sitting right there in the top fifteen (15) was Handmade Gifts! OMG-The-HORROR! I worried for days about how my hand knitted gifts would be received. I had already mailed off my sister’s gifts and I had made two things for her. I had made a headband/ear warmer for my dear mother. I had made cowls for friends, a pillow for my aunt, dishcloths for my other aunt, a dear friend, and my masseuse. I had made a hat for Bob and was just finishing up my Frito Bandito scarf for my mother. What was I going to do? I was stumped for gifts I could go purchase, not just for thought, but for funding as well. Then, one by one recipients began opening their gifts and seemed to love the items, or they were good actors. I rest assured that I had done okay by my friends and family and decided that this woman writer either, had never received something beautiful and thoughtful, or was a stuck up snobby bitch who expected nothing but robin egg blue boxes and espresso machines under her tree. Her loss I say!

Is it weird that I want to purchase a wig? I mean a full on head of hair wig. Ken Paves is shelling hair on QVC and I am quite interested in purchasing a dark/ashy/golden/blonde wig to wear. In public. I think it is weird, but then I think it is edgy and quirky. And I want to be edgy and quirky, but it is hard because I am boring and fat. It is nearly a $100 investment. What if I look like a tool? I am out about twenty bucks between the shipping costs to and then returning the item. Would I receive the old nodding of the head non committal, “if you like it” approval from my mother? Would my sister think that I have clearly lost my mind and what would my coworkers think about me suddenly having longer and much lighter hair? Would they talk about me up and down the hallways? What kind of questions would I get from my aunt? Would Homeland Security be at my house wondering why I am changing my look and then rummage through my browsing history to see if I have been looking up how to make a bomb? Which, by the way, I have not. Would it itch something fierce? Would it cause my real hair to fall out? Would my boys recognize me? Would they try to pull it off my head and hide their bones in it? Do I really want to spend $100 on fake hair just because I spent $100 cutting it all off and am regretful? Will it look fake? Will it blow off when I roll down my window or open the sun roof? Do I really want Jessica Simpson hair? AGH! I need answers and about $100 to try it out!

I had to go to the dentist after work today. Nothing like finishing up a boring day with a shot of Novocain and the drilling of a tooth. I am sitting here, some two hours later and am just regaining some feeling in the left side of my face. I am quite sure that by tomorrow I will feel the effects of biting my tongue and cheek. It was funny, the dentist is giving me the “shot” and asks me if it hurts because I didn’t flinch. I assured him that it hurt very much, but what was I going to do? I mean the man has a huge gun full of numbing agent…it’s not like I could just jump up and take him down. He apparently didn’t look at my feet that had curled into a little ball or my white knuckles as I clamped down as hard as I could on my keys. I figure in an hour I should be able to eat more than soup…I hope. I am hungry!

I am in love with Adam Lambert’s album! I had totally written him off as a wackadoo that sounded like Freddy Mercury. Dude, I was so wrong! His album is amazing! I also took a listen to the new Lady Gaga (a friend let me borrow hers) and it is okay. I really like Bad Romance. I will have to listen to it a bit more. But seriously I give a total two thumbs up to Glamberace!

I didn’t even touch on all the loot I took in this Christmas. But, fear not, I will be back tomorrow to update. Oh and I think I figured out what readers want…PICTURES. So, tomorrow I will be here with photos of my loot!


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