Giftapalooza 2009

I am so proud of myself!  I got my hair cut and came right home and started taking pictures!  I am such the procrastinator that I didn't really expect to get it done, even though I said I would.

Well...I know what you are here for so...

This was in my stocking.  Some pattern tamers, some gold, my beloved Chibi, a Fossil case, some Sharpie Pens.  So lovely.

Every year I get a different purse, usually a novelty purse and this year's was from Henrietta's Handbag and is called Profile.  I have been using it since I opened it!  I love it.  It is much bigger than I thought it would be.

For the last few years my darling nephews have been making or getting me charms for a charm bracelet they got me.  These are this years.  The heart says "love" and the other is a buddha.  I love them so much!

My sister absolutely spoils me!  Not only did she make tons of bags for wrapping that double as project bags for knitting!, but she also makes and gets me the best stuff.  Here I got the wonderful Itty Bitty Toys Book, a Monkey Project bag, a Monkey calculator and some wonderful monkey brown cotton yarn.

Then she got me loads of cool stocking stuffers.  A Good Luck bracelet, a small sock monkey, a cool pen, a little dragon journal (I was born in the year of the dragon), a freaking cool as pencil case made out of recycled potato/snack chip bags loaded with some fab clips, and of course a penguin ornament!

Then she completely outdid herself and made me a beautiful Box Leaf wrap (chunky sized for my chunk) and an Ishbel beret!  OMG I cannot tell you how beautiful this is.  She got the most gorgeous yarn and oh, I could gush for days.  It means so much that she was willing to give up so much time to make something so beatiful.  She is my hero.  She is crafty beyond words.  She really needs to start a blog because she has so much to share (hint hint sister dear).  Oh and the shawl pin is gorgeous too.  Such a great gift!

You might have noticed Myrna modeling the wrap and hat.  I have wanted one of these for years and this year, my wonderful mother got me this.  She was named Molly, but I wasn't fond of that.  I thought she needed a classy, hollywood glamour "old" name and I thought of a little theater in Helena, the Myrna Loy and thus she was named.

I got me some jewels!  I got a key necklace, after wanting one for such a long time, but never finding the "right one".  Well my mom found the right one and she also found the little penguin necklace I have been wanting.  Such a great gift!

And then I got this set of three bracelets.  Nothing says LdyPngn like these bracelets.  I love them.  You can wear them single or as a trio (my preferred wearing).  They are from if anyone is interested in supporting the Penguins!...oh all right there are other teams too.  But really, the Pittsburgh ones are the best!

And then I got this fab box of Knit Picks!  I got the Options interchangeables SQUEE.  I got two needle tip stands (for my Zephyrs and Options) and then I got the Holiday Ornaments kit and the Carmen Banana kit. 

I got some other stuff too here and there from other people.  I just am running out of room for al the pictures.  Actually, those are the ones I took.  I have gifts here and there and these were all rather close by.  I am truly spoiled and I have no problem with that.  In fact, I rather enjoy it.  I am not ashamed at all.

Well I hope that every one had a wonderful holiday and the new year is approaching.  Time to spend it with family and friends.  I will be rining in the new year with the East Coast (I am in the Mountain Time Zone) and with these two...

Happy New Year and check back in early 2010 for some links to a few things I am working on!


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