Frito Bandito, Traditions and Warm Wishes

It finally snowed last night, but I fear that today will be sunny and warm and that what little snow there is will melt away and I will be left with a dry, dead Christmas. You can totally tell that I don’t commute to work anymore. It just doesn’t seem like winter, let alone Christmas without snow on the ground. 

I am done with Christmas wrapping and shopping! I finished last night when I wrapped the last gift for Mom. I was trying to finish something up and after 4 ½ hours of binding off, I finished it and couldn’t wrap it up fast enough! I made a Bandito Scarf simply because I had a shawl pin that I really wanted to give her and I couldn’t just say, here’s a shawl pin, good luck with it. So, I had to make something and I saw the Bandito Scarf on Ravelry and jumped right in. I started working it in Caron Paints, but didn’t think the drape was right and so I put that on a fancy stitch holder (re: bright blue yarn) and set it aside. I went to the stash bins and pulled out some deep purple Simply Soft and knew that the drape would be perfect for this. The pattern was easy to remember and then when I was getting close to the end, I thought about the bind off. I didn’t want to do the regular bind off and didn’t think that a purl bind off would be what I was looking for either. Then I remembered the Owlings and the sewn bind off. That will be perfect! And it is…but it is also the slowest bind off in the history of knitting. It took me over 4 ½ hours! I am not exaggerating. I started on Monday night at exactly 8:00 p.m. I watched General Hospital and then Castle. Then I watched QVC for an hour and then at 11:00 I moved into my bedroom where I continued to bind off for about fifteen minutes until my hand hurt so bad that I wanted to cry (I honestly think I have Carpal Tunnel, but I digress), so I went to bed. Then last night as soon as I got home I turned on Grey’s Anatomy and bound off through an episode and a half. I don’t recommend it. I mean I do for the look, but when you are trying to finish a last minute gift, you really don’t want to spend two days binding it off! It looks great with the copper shawl pin though. I will have to get photos after Christmas because I just wanted to get that in the box before I started second guessing my choices.

Due to my aforementioned injury (lower thumb/wrist/arm pain), I am taking a few days off of knitting and just trying to not go insane. I tried to read last night, but from the combination of sheer exhaustion, pain and pain killers (very mild generic ibuprofen), I could not really concentrate enough to make a real dent. My arm is feeling fine today, sort of and I would love to cast on the Linoleum dishcloth tonight. I guess it will be a “game time” decision.

I use knitting for two things, one is a hobby. I have always wanted a hobby and after trying my hand at a few different things, this one I have actually stuck to pretty sincerely. Next it is a diet mechanism. I find that when I knit at night, I don’t snack. And by not snacking and making some lasting changes, I have managed to lose 20 pounds. I am a large girl and so it may not look like it on the outside that much, but on the inside it is like losing 50 pounds. Even with the holidays and not sticking so closely to my plan, I have maintained my loss and not gained any back. In the coming weeks, I am going to be starting up my weight loss blog again and will link to it when I go “live”.

I always think about holiday traditions this time of year. The things that you see in the movies that people do, the caroling by fire, the stringing of popcorn and cranberries, the big family gatherings. Yeah, we don’t do any of that. Our traditions of late have been to do the WWW Christmas Eve with my sister and her family on the web cam, Christmas breakfast with my aunt and Bob and then Christmas dinner at home with my two aunts and Bob. I am pretty okay with our traditions. Sure it would be great to be with my sister for Christmas. To sit on Christmas day and feel luscious yarn and knit fabulousness. It would be great to go outside and build snowmen (provided it ever snowed!...still waiting Mother Nature!) with the nephews. But it is hard when you live far apart and everyone has that little thing called work to deal with. Eh…it is what it is.

Speaking of work, it continues to go well. I have Christmas Eve and of course Christmas Day off this year. I am looking forward to just doing the last minute running around on CE. See the craziness that commercialism has made the holidays. I don’t complain though…I love it. It is like crack for me. I just can’t get enough. Well, yes I can. Too much stimulation makes me a little crazed, much like a young child, I just want to cry and be alone.

I wish all my readers, I know there is one, a very Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you enjoy the days and are happy and healthy. And just in case I don’t make it back, wishing everyone a safe and healthy New Year. Please don’t drink and drive. Too often we lose precious people to accidents and nobody wants to remember 2009/2010 as the year someone died. So happy holidays to you and yours.

~Ldy Pngn



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