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I have no excuse for not posting for over two months. None at all. I could say that I have been busy, but I haven’t. I could say that I burned my fingers in an attempt to rid them of prints so I could go on a crime spree, but I didn’t. I could say that aliens came and took me to their space ships to service their needs and I was more than willing because they all looked like Clive Owen and had his sexy eyes and voice, but alas that is not true. I could say that I have not turned on computer in two months, but come on we all know that is not true. I think the most honest thing to say is that I am lazy and lame. I have not had a ton of stuff to write about, but I have found some new inspirations and hope to write at least weekly, if not more.

That being said, I must get the most pressing bit of business out. I am the proud mother of monkey Emmaline Grace. She has her own blog check it out for all of her adventures and thoughts and ideas. She is a ton of fun and super beautiful. She already has three posts. Clearly much more loyal to her readers than her Momma is to hers.

I have been knitting away…sort of. As I may have mentioned before I am clearly the world’s slowest knitter. When my sister visited in June I remember her telling a woman that it took her a couple of nights to knit Turbo, her sock monkey. It definitely takes me a lot longer. I started one on Sunday, and as of last night I have the body and legs done. I get an extremity done per night. So tonight and tomorrow are arms, then Saturday is a tail and finally on Sunday, I am going to try to get the muzzle and ears done. I am so slow. But you know what? That is okay. I don’t have to be super fast, although I wish I were. I had some problems on Sunday and Monday. Namely a hole in my finger. OMG it hurt. My callus (from poking the tip of the needle down) gave way and split leaving me with a gaping hole. Ugh. It hurt so much and then I couldn’t use a bandage because the yarn sticks on it. So frustrating. But, after some intense Neosporin/Bandage overnight treatments, things are looking better. I did learn how to knit continental. I am not fast doing it, but I can do it. I can’t wait to get a flat piece to practice on. I am thinking that it will go better if I get something that is flat knitting. So far with the circular knitting I am getting some hand cramping.

Work has been going well. Our fiscal year ended June 30th and so it was a busy time getting stuff done and stuff corrected. Now we just have to wait for the audit to start and by October I should be able to file again. That will be fun. An entire Friday packing up boxes and then another entire Friday filing all of this year’s stuff. Can’t wait.

I guess I should get to the big news. I purchased a new vehicle. A 2009 Ford Escape to be exact. I love it. I have already taken a roady in it. It was great. What made me remember is that I am listening to my free preview of Sirius online and I have Sirius in the car, but I don’t have to pay for it for a few more months yet. I am trying to decide if I want to pay for it or just get a car adapter for my Ipod. I have one of those now too. An Ipod touch. It is so sweet. I haven’t used it for a lot of music…mostly apps. I love the apps.

So I have been watching So You Think You Can Dance. I have mixed feelings this year. There isn’t that one person who I am pulling for. There are several that I don’t like and don’t want to win, but nobody who stands out. Last year I was on Team Twitch all the way, but I was okay with Joshua winning. As long as it wasn’t Katee. This year there is nobody that I just love and cheer for. I liked Janette a lot and was sad to see her leave. I want Kayla gone like a bad infection. I don’t much care for Melissa either and Evan has annoyed me from day one. I guess I am rooting for Janeen. I like Brandon. I just don’t know. Last night was very disappointing. I thought the disco was all about lifts and that their movements…well Kayla’s movements did not flow and then Nigel does is spaz out and people are left to think it was good. Can we please stop doing so many lifts in the disco routines!?! Also, can we please stop with the Broadway? Ick! Make it more current and popular, but please stop with all the jazz happy hands and face pulling. It is vomit inducing. Could we also invest in a bark collar for Mary. Her voice is irritating. The screeching, the fakeouts, the whole botox package can go now. We could use more Adam Shankman. Ugh, Tyce Dioro was on a few weeks ago and did nothing but stroke the choreographers. Perhaps he is not getting enough stroking. Oh and another bitch about last night…that girl’s routine was shitty. It made no sense and they looked ridiculous. The best thing was when Janeen punched Kayla in the face. That was sweet and they showed it in slo-mo. Perfect.

The family is all good. The boys have not gotten in a lot of trouble. Cooper continues to be very vocal. He also has a habit of pulling out all his toys and strategically placing them around the kitchen. I got them a gorilla not long ago and he often stands sentry at the entrance to the kitchen. He also got one a my larger stuffed penguins and just loves it. Elliott is only mildly interested in toys. He is more about food and treats. That is his motivation…eating. He just likes yummy things in his tummy. He is so sweet. He always comes up and gives me kisses. His eye allergies are in effect again. I have been sporadic in medicating him. I am just about out of medication and so I try to keep the area clean. He doesn’t like it, but he is usually tolerant, especially if he gets a prize or treat after. I keep after Cooper’s eyes too. He loves to have whatever Elliott gets so I oblige most of the time.

I have so many projects planned and I honestly don’t know where I think I am going to get the time to do them all. I would need to take weeks off and do nothing but knit. I would have to knit in the bathroom. I would have to wear one of those beer helmets while sitting on the throne. I would need to run 24 on an endless loop. Crazy.

I am just jumping all around in this post. I just wanted to say that I am enjoying the new show Dark Blue. I like Dylan McDermott, he is pretty to look at and the guy who plays Dean is a looker too…a little thin, but a looker. I am sure if I was a lot thinner I could appreciate his body a bit more.

Speaking of. I am reading You On A Diet. It is interesting for the most part. I am learning all about my digestive system…a bit more than needed since I do not plan to study medicine at any point in my life…but it’s good information to have. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be developing a new lifestyle plan and start on that. I would love to have the surgery. I would. I said I wouldn’t do it, but I lied. I would totally do lap band. I wouldn’t do the bypass, but I would do the banding. I just need something to kick me in the ass and do something. I did so well for three or four weeks last year. I was determined and I was strict and it was good for me. Now, I just keep eating crap and not doing any exercising. This weekend, you know when I have all that extra time, you know the extra 20 hours you get on your weekend in addition to the 48…yeah then I am going to clean up my living room and move the Wii and get to exercising. Sure I am. I will let you know how that goes. Hahaha…

Well I should get going. I have a lot to do today…okay that is not quite true…but this just went onto page three and I fear I may have lost readers around paragraph two.

So I will leave you with a picture of my sweet new ride.


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