15 Minutes

Maggie Jackson must be stopped. This woman is overtaking the New Patterns section of Ravelry. It would be one thing if people were going to make this stuff, but seriously, who is going to knit this?

Can I just say that legislation needs to be passed for mandatory three day weekends. This past weekend was honestly the best weekend ever. It was so relaxing and yet full of so much. I had a blast. I won some money and spent a good portion of it. I moved my yarn stash, I installed an air conditioner, okay, so I put it in the window and stuffed some weather stripping underneath it, but I still got it done. I finished a square. It only took me three days to finish the damned thing. At the rate I am going, I will have a completed blanket in the year 2072, four years before I turn 100! I should have the crochet thing down by then. I am the slowest crocheter in the world. This is what I ended up…
I also got a swap package last week. Yay! Here is the picture.

I took some pictures of me wearing the lei headband, but quickly deleted them out of sheer and total disgust. I looked like a party girl, a fat party girl, either half dead, or dead drunk. Sad this is, the hardest thing I was hitting was Diet Dr. Pepper. Nonetheless, I spared you that sight.

I got a new fan for the bedroom. My old fan died a horrible death. I don’t know if it was the shock of being cleaned or if he just died from exhaustion. Either way, he is now resting in the Alley Rally dumpster. He served faithfully for years. The newbie is quite quiet. I do not have a picture of him.

I have been meaning to take a picture of Yarn Pig for a few weeks now to post. I finally got around to it. He is just known as Yarn Pig. He doesn’t have a great name. He is still trying to discover his function in life and his goals. He is about half full and just got a little bit of Noro, so he is filling quite princely and proud. I don’t know why. I mean the Noro is beautiful and spendy (IMHO), but not all that great feeling. He is also filling up on some Cotton Ease and other cotton scraps. He has a boat load of Stone Cotton Ease in him. It feels so warm. I know he is looking for more color and not the muted tones. I think that is part of the reason he is feeling so peppy, the Noro is bright, while the Cotton Ease is muted. I don’t know. Maybe he can write an entry in the next few days describing himself and what is thoughts are. He is a faithful friend, that’s for sure.

Well there is finally a game on tonight. My god is has seemed like forever. I am super duper pissed off at the ass munches over as ESPNegatory. If they had their way, at the beginning of the year, Detroit would just be handed the Stanley Cup and it would be all good. They have basically said, that Detroit wins. I don’t fucking like them. And for Lindros’ sake, could someone please help Barry Melrose get dressed. The man keeps wearing these god awful striped suits. He looks like the bastard love child of some rejected 1960’s doo wop singer and Tony Soprano. The one the other night was blindingly awful, some sand and black stripe and his super greasy brillut. Is it any wonder why the man was fired in Tampa? Oren Koules must have been high when he hired him. So, anyways, tonight, Pittsburgh can wrap this puppy up and get ready to beat the knickers off of the aging Red Wings. And I don’t want to get all into a debate on the subject, but that Havlat hit? Yeah, maybe Mike Babcock should look at the tapes again, he left his feet and knocked him the eff out! Needless to say, I am still pulling for Chicago.

So all my shows are over and while I was happy to see season finales, I don’t feel like waiting until September. Could we just please make these people earn their exhorbanant salaries and get this shit back on? I mean I know I have SYTYCD and The Closer, but I could use something more meaty to get me through those bright sun shining, hot as a bug on a ticks butt on Venus days. Oh, and to the idiots over at Fox. What the hell was the point of airing one episode of Glee and then telling me a few days ago that it would be coming on in the fall? I can’t deal with that. I set up a series recording because I thought it was a summer replacement show. I need more Glee! Also, while I am happy that there is going to be more SYTYCD, I don’t much appreciate you filling up my Tuesday nights and making me choose what to record. It is bullshit. Either change the schedule or buy me a better dvr that records more than two things at a time. I can’t be forced to choose between stuff.

Also, just to state it here. I found nothing wrong with what Nigel said about the same sex samba couple. That was difficult to watch. It was quite painful really. I am not some homophobe, I just don’t see how one can watch two dudes sexing it up in a samba routine. But that’s just me apparently. One thing, is this shit is going to get them a lot of attention. They will get their fifteen minutes.

Speaking of 15 minutes. Can we please please please stop the clock on the following people:
1. Jon & Kate – she is like a super mega mega bitch and he is just some whipped pussy who takes her shit. I say kick her ass to the curb and trade that Dodge Sprinter in for a pimped out Partridge Family bus and head on down the road.
2. Cari Prejeen – I don’t care if she showed her boobies to the world and I don’t care what she thinks about marriage. Why don’t we ask her what she thinks about Her Highness, Perez Hilton, the douche.
3. Spenser and Heidi – If I am forced to see much more of them I am going to require a barf bucket. She now wants to be known as just Heidi and as a recording artist she wants to be known as H. I don’t think I can write much more without this turning into a bad Tourette’s Syndrome post.

Well I am off to do some work. I get paid to do that. Actually, I get paid this Friday! Yay, now I can pay bills again!


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