Cheesits! It's Been How Long?

Oh my god where have I been?!? Seriously, I have been at home watching lots of hockey and knitting lots of little things.

Since my last post, I…

  • Went on vacation and had an awesome time.
  • Read a book – 2nd Chance. I am reading 3rd Degree right now
  • Joined the Columbia House TV on DVD club
  • Got totally into Sexy Larry on 24 and now he’s dead
  • Have finished quite a few little projects
  • Moved my living room around
  • Gotten my driver’s license renewed
  • Completed a couple of swaps
  • Turned another year older
  • Watched the Sex and the City movie about a dozen times
  • Watched Tropic Thunder
  • Spent lots of money
  • Gotten more books than one person really needs
  • Have been to the new Starbucks more than a few times
  • Thought I discovered a gray hair, so pulled out about 20. Turns out it was just a shadowy effect. Thank god!
  • Colored my hair (just to make sure)

A few things I am working on

  • Project for Mom – most likely a Christmas present
  • Cleaning my bedroom and rearranging for summer
  • Cleaning my closet
  • Organizing my life
  • Trying to work or Wiiork out more

So that is what is going on in a nutter. I will hopefully be writing more. I am developing a new schedule to get done the things I want to get done. With the onset of May, comes season finales and so I will have less shows to watch and more time to write!


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