It comes to my attention on a rather daily basis that people do not think before they speak. For example, I was just standing in the kitchen at work and two coworkers were talking, I am assuming about someone having a heart attack. One of them said, “It used to be that people died from having heart attacks. Today it is no big deal.” It took just about everything I had to refrain from totally bitch slapping her. Seriously WTF? My dad died from a heart attack six years ago. Having a heart attack is a HUGE deal. I can’t believe someone would say that so nonchalantly. Stupid bitch.

I am critical of other people’s fashion choices. I am critical of my own at times. I present you with my new feature, the WTF Fashions.

Picture it, a floral dress circa 1987, dark blue/black with large blue, purple and white flowers, short sleeved. Now picture it with a white crocheted sweater circa 1985. Got that picture, now put a lady in it with a frizzy perm. Then, put some white tights on her and black shoes. Now, picture that walking out of a mental health facility and realize that she is a worker not a client and that it is February 2009. The only people who should be wearing white tights are young female children. Never should a grown woman put on white tights with black shoes unless she is dressing up for Halloween. Fashions older than 1998 should be burned with acid. Certainly nobody should be wearing a 1987 flower dress with white tights!

Now, I myself, on a weekly basis put on some WTFF (WTF Fashion), but I keep it in the privacy of my own home, sometimes my car if I am going through drive thru. Sometimes, I make the mistake and get out of the car. Sometimes I put something on and think it looks fine and then see my reflection in a store window and realize it most certainly does not look right. I learn from that.

So I did get some cleaning done last night, and some more knitting. I need to make some arms and legs for my elephant. I might be able to knock that out tonight. I sat down last night and watched the end of the Pens/Islanders game. Happy to report it turned out perfectly. Then I switched over and watched Life and CSI New York. Is it just me or are the CSI’s getting a little boring? I think that whole Ella/Mac thing was ill placed last night. The case was kind of boring and you know who did it as soon as they introduced him. There were some head scratching moments, but none as glaring as the one on Life. Crews arrives at the baddie’s house and his temporary partner is “down” so he opens his phone and dials and says “Officer down, need assistance” or something like that. The problem? He didn’t tell them where he was! Was that dispatcher supposed to guess or call the psychic network?

I get a massage after work today. It couldn’t come at a better time. I feel so achy. This will really help. I just have to make it through the next seven hours. Oh, my good friend The Christmas Jew was just in, questioning the system yet again. (Please note the sarcasm when I say good friend).

Yes, that massage will greatly help my neck pain. I had the worst shooting pain in my ear on the drive to work today. I don’t know how long it lasted because when I got to work, I well sat down to do some work. Okay, I sat down to check the blogs and TMZ.

We usually talk to my sister every weekend. Well we didn’t talk to her last weekend and that started to concern me. I sent her a message through Ravelry on Sunday night and happily got a reply on Monday morning. I worry when we don’t hear from her being that she lives far away. I am a worrier. I feel better though because we talked for a long time on Monday. It was great.

I guess I should do some work. I figure an hour before heading to do the bank run and errands. I can knock something off my list in that amount of time.


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