On Being Blocked

I feel blocked. I was so busy knitting baby stuff and then knitting Valentino, that now I don't know what to start! I am about one step away from crying. I was going to start a hat with this great skein of Traditions I have, but every pattern I find requires more yardage than I have. I have a full skein, it is just not quite enough to do a slouchy hat, which is what I really want to knit. Then I was going to do a small bag, but just can't find that one pattern that is going to be useful enough.

I would start socks, but I just don't think I am ready for that right now. I just want something to kick start me again. I don't know what that is. I want to find it tonight so that I can start knitting it tomorrow. Maybe just taking this break is what I need and then back to looking.

I spent the entire day in my pajamas. It was wonderful! I did knit Valentino's legs this morning, but that was all. I took a 2½-hour nap. I just was not feeling well. I had a headache and so I took some medicine and lay down. I think it is what I needed.

I think I will make socks. I have some pink yarn that I got in a swap and a pattern that I have really wanted to try, so I will just try to wind my skein into a ball and try these socks again. I don’t know. UGH!

I bought a little notions keeper thing from JoAnn’s yesterday and put all my stuff into it and then today when I was getting into it, I noticed that it is torn in two places, so I am going to take it back tomorrow. I am hoping that the cell phone store is open too. I need new phones. One phone is barely holding a charge, you cannot finish a lengthy call without low battery warnings. So, definitely in need of new phones. It has been two years. My phone is still okay, but who wouldn’t want something different? I think I am over the red too. It will all depend on what phones they have at the store I go to. If the one in the mall doesn’t have anything good (I am betting they don’t), I will go across the street and see what they are offering. We are getting good phones this time. I don’t want to pay for a Blackberry, but something decent. I would prefer to get something around $20 - $30 each with a two-year contract. I would love free, it will just depend on what is offered.

I was very disappointed to find that when I frogged my blanket that was on the needles, I had cut the pink yarn when I attached the brown. I thought I left it on and was going to cut it later. ‘Twas not the case and now I have a little ball of pink. Eff!

This has been a great weekend. I have really had fun, even after dropping $360 on my car. All is good, and that is what matters.

Well I am off to find a project to knit tomorrow. Maybe another Jelly Bum, maybe a slouch hat in another yarn.

I now present Valentino

And by-the-way - I have decided to do a Meret hat using Vanna. I heart Vanna yarn!


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