I don’t wear either

I am so frustrated right now. I have been working on a sock, one sock, since Wednesday, and I just frogged the entire thing! I don’t think I am a sock knitter, which means I have to find a new use for sock yarn. It could be that I just really don’t understand it. I have made two pairs of socks. I don’t wear either. Ugh!

The weekend has gone by fast. Yesterday was errand day and today I went and got my hair colored and trimmed up a bit. I came so close to just saying, “Give me your cut” to the hair stylist. She had a really cute cut, but she also had a lot less hair than I do. My hair is so thick! Even though it is short, it is super thick. That is one thing the hair stylists always say, “I didn’t expect you to have this much hair. It is so thick!”. It is a curse I think. Because I think my hair grows, but it grows in thickness more than length. I was thinking about that today as I was sitting there. B’s hair grows in length by leaps and bounds and my hair just gets heavier and blah looking. I got the back trimmed up a bit, it needed it, the sides evened out a little, a few more layers and the bangs cut. I think I like my hair better with bangs than the way I have been wearing it lately.

Ugh! I feel like I have so much to do this week. Not workwise either! I need to get bills paid, a package mailed, exercise EVERY day, get back on track reading wise, clean the bathroom, put some clothes away. I would love to clean out the armoire and dresser drawers. I also need to find time in the next two weeks to get my driver’s license renewed. That is a big must do. I would love to take another day off work, I just don’t know what day because it is the end/beginning of the month. I will look at the calendar tomorrow and see what I can come up with.

Well I am going to grab a quick shower and find a new project to work on…something that is not a sock!


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