Highly Unlikely

A few weeks ago, on some blog, I declared that I loved making baby items. I would like to retract that statement. I don't think I love it as much as I thought I did. I love the finished product, but I am finding it a trial right now to be excited to knit them. I am nearly finished with a pair of pants, hopefully I can finish up the knitting part tomorrow and then save the seaming for maybe Friday. I don't want to seam when I am at the, "oh let's just get it over with already" stage. So, I am thinking finish up the monotonous knitting and then save the seaming for Friday when things are calmer. I also have to make a left bootie. It appears that when I was seaming up the first bootie, the "left" bootie, I made it a righty and then made the right bootie and made it a righty too. After several discussions today, I found out that it is highly unlikely for a baby to be born with two right feet, thus the need for a left bootie.

I just spent the evening watching Fashion Police. Well not the whole evening. I watched 1/2 an hour of the TV Guide channels fashion wrap up with Lisa "FishLips" Rinna. Yeah that was a half an hour well spent. Then I watched The Closer. Followed by E!'s Fashion Police. I am left with the question, "why do men feel the need to wear sunglasses at night and indoors?" Whenever I see a man wearing sunglasses at night, it instantly invokes a round of Corey Hart's I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. So I can, so I can... Needless to say, it bothers me. They don't care, but it does and I wish they would stop doing it.

I found out this morning that the Grammy's were pretty much overshadowed by Chris Brown's alleged attack on Rhianna. Quite the scandal. I have been watching tmz.com pretty closely to get the 411.

Another thing I realized tonight was why I stopped watching CSI Miami. We first need to establish my reasons for watching said shit show in the past. First, I like to be sarcastic and make fun of television shows (my soul purpose behind watching Days of Our Lives was for pure entertainment during the writer's strike). Second, I am totally hot for David Caruso. Well in the feverish, he makes me vomit sort of way. The reasons I quit watching the show are #1 - Ryan Wolfe. Am I the only person who wants to kick this man in the testicles? Provided he has them still? Okay, so maybe I am. Seriously that is probably the most hated character of mine on television and there are a lot. Reason #2 - Eva LaRue. She couldn't act on All My Children and she still can't act. Well she can, she just doesn't do it well.

Something else I realized while I was watching CSI Miami the first five minutes tonight was that I am totally turned off by anything that slithers and is wormy. I mean I had a problem with that CSI episode where the college student falls face first into a pile of maggots, but it goes beyond that. I would like to thank the people over on Fox's Fringe for totally effing me up. See I started to watch the episode where giant spikey worm like slugs (I am talking small pug dog sized creatures) slithered out of people's mouths. Yeah, I no longer watch Fringe. I mean I really only started to watch it for two reasons. First my favorite flavor of the month was guest starring on an episode and so I thought I would watch from the beginning to see what the hell it was all about. Second, Joshua Jackson. Now, I didn't watch Dawson's Creek. But I did watch all the Mighty Ducks movies. I kept watching because Walter was so damn funny and Joshua Jackson is not at all difficult to look at. But the sluggy spikey things grossed me the eff out and I had to delete that from series recordings on the DVR.

So, I don't know where I am with my train of thought, but you are all caught up on why I don't watch CSI Miami & Fringe. I also deleted the series recording of Damages. That show, I think, is one that you just either wait for the dvd's or a marathon. Seriously it is too hard to wait week to week. Especially when they jump around all the time between now and six months ago and two weeks later. I know it is to keep me watching, but there are not any actors in it that make me want to tune in every week, so waiting for the dvd is perfectly okay with me. That and Patty Hewes is a bitch.

Well I am getting sleepy and I still need to read. I am right on track for reading 52 in 52. I would love to surpass that and possibly read 60, but I will take what I can get. I would like to finish the entire 87th Precinct series within the year. I am going strong on that. The only problem is it doesn't really leave any time to read other books.

In case you forgot, babies are not likely to be born with two right feet, and so learning from my experience, it is best to make a left and a right bootie.


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