$400 For Fug?

I had to purchase new cell phones. Well I didn’t have to, but I did. We have a phone that will not hold a charge and so it was time to replace it. Because I didn’t want to be left out, I replaced mine too. We just got LG somethings. I don’t know what they are, they are basic camera phones, mine has an mp3 player. No big full keyboard, no other special bells and whistles. I got a new plan too. It has been probably a good four years since we have upgraded the plan. We were sharing 500 minutes, which worked, but I thought it was time to change it and resign, so now we share 700 non network minutes and free nights and weekends. After all was said and done, it cost me $130 to walk out of the store with two new phones, but I will get two $50 money cards back in the mail soon…after I send in the paperwork. It was a necessary evil.

While I was in the store (I was there for a long time), a man came in and said to the girl “I bought this phone that wasn’t supposed to break and it did, so I need to replace it. It should be covered under warranty.” The girl gave him a number to call and he left. Later, while I was still there, he came back and said he needed to buy a new phone, that it wasn’t covered. Another worker came in and asked him what he needed and he said he needed a new phone because his wasn’t supposed to break but it did and the girl told him, well nothing is unbreakable. It is just military grade and capable of withstanding more. Well, apparently not chickadee. To hear him spin the tale, it fell from his truck. Military grade my ass. Mine fell out of my pocket onto the asphalt before I went in the store and it was fine. But anywho, the phone he had was this big orange monstrosity. He said the new version was more hideous than his “old” version. That phone was the definition of fugly. Then the girl told him the price he would be paying for the fug….$400! I nearly pissed myself right there. $400 for fug? Are you kidding me? Well $489.99 after he bought the protection plan, that I declined. OMFG that is a lot of money for a phone!

So I turned on the Pittsburgh Penguin game today to find out that they fired their coach yesterday. Not that it really matters to me, but damn I didn’t think they would do that. Let’s just hope they don’t get a bug up their butt and hire Barry Melrose. If they do, I would never hear the end of it, but I would also instantly have another die-hard Pens fan in the house. By the way, at the moment they are losing. Boo.

I am working on a new slouch hat. I had the worst time figuring out a project to make, but then I saw this hat and fell in love with it. So I am working on that today. I am only on the brim, but that is because I spent half the morning in the cell shop. I am going to find a jar and cut up strips of paper with projects on them and put them in the jar, so when I am blocked, I can pull one out and not get stuck like I was yesterday/last night.

Well I am going to go back and knit now and turn down the television so that the neighbors can’t hear it!


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