Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knitter Knitter On the Wall, Who's the Fairest of The All?

I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. Yesterday (monday), I completed my very first Fair Isle project. Nothing spectacular like a pair of mittens, but rather a simple snowflake square.

Earlier this year, Knitting Daily talked about being a fearless knitter. They asked how you were a fearless knitter in 2008. My answer to that was that I began knitting in 2008. I made my first everything in 2008. So, this year, my first act of fearlessness was knitting fair isle. Well that's not true, I was scared. I was nervous, but I did it without any glaring mistakes, actually without any mistakes. I knit back a few times in the middle of a row because I forgot to switch colors or switched too soon, but I was determined to prove I could do it and I did it.

It is with reason I did this. I want to make a throw using this pattern. I am currently in the process of working out the logistics on how I can do it in one piece so that I can avoid seaming. I am imagining a long circular and a huge pattern printout with detailed instructions. I know I can do it, but can I do it by Thanksgiving? I need to find the yarn first and then the needles (I already have my mind set on what needles I want) and then order and start. I am just finishing up working the grid in Excel so I can get an idea on what it will look like. Daunting? Yes, but I can do it.

Oh what a day today was! I had so much to do and it seemed like I wouldn't get it all done. Actually, I didn't get it all done. Every time I make a plan and know what I want to get done, there is always something else that comes up that screws up all my plans. For the first time, I am asking for help. I need to get the 1099 tax forms ready for mailing. I printed all of them today, but I did not get them stuffed. I was going to bring it home, but the end of the day came and all I wanted to do was something with yarn or knitting, so I left them at work and asked the new lady if she would have time to help me tomorrow. She is so nice and of course she said yes. I am just not a person that asks for help. I like to do everything on my own. I need to learn to ask for help. That is a goal for this year, to ask for help. So tomorrow, we are going to have a stuffing party. We can listen to my new Barry Manilow cd.

Speaking of Barry. I wonder if I am an old soul. Now, I don't really know what that means, but I have heard it. I wonder if I am because I really like older music. I adore Disco and anything that the Bee Gees put out. I like Barry Manilow, almost all 80s music and some of the 60s pop music. I feel like, what I imagine, an old soul feels like. So that is what I was wondering today as Barry sang his take on I've Had the Time of My Life.

I need to get my final 2008 Flex claim submitted. I must send myself an email reminding me to find a form at work tomorrow. I have one for 2008 and one for 2009 already. I think I am ready to do taxes. I must install the software. Perhaps I can do that tomorrow when I get home from work. I have a massage on Thursday and will be settling in to watch my Thursday shows. Well I think just one, I do believe that Bones is a repeat.

Oh, did anyone catch last Thursday's second Bones ep? The one where Booth was playing hockey? Yeah, it was totally sweet, right up until he was wearing an effing Flyer's jersey! WTF? Why did I think Booth was from the Pittsburgh area? Luc Robitaille was looking good though. So, I was totally digging that episode. We watched it Friday night on dvr. Speaking of DVR, I am totally caught up on Grey's Anatomy now. I feel bad for Mark. I am so happy that Christina and Mer are back together. And how soon before Mer's friend leaves? I don't like her at all. Let me just say that if that crackpot was my doctor, I would join Scientology to escape being treated by the nutball.

Does anyone else love love love The Mentalist? Don't you just want to take Patrick Jane home and keep him in a jar on your dresser and take him out for a laugh every now and then? I think he is adorable. And Cho is such an awesome character too.

I finally ordered my ball winder. I got the swift a couple of weeks ago and just got around to ordering the ball winder. I picked up a few notions as well. Is it just me or is there a phenomenon where stitch markers just disappear? I swear it is like the dryer eating socks. I imagine a little colony of stitch markers just yucking it up somewhere. Laughing at me every time I open the case and they are not there. I made some for my sister a few years ago for Christmas, but for some reason I have never made any for me. Well there is a reason, I can't find the damn littler findings to make them. When we did the small home improvement project this summer, I dumped a drawer of findings in a box and that box sits somewhere in the garage. In a few years I will probably find it and by that time I will have stocked up on stitch markers, much like I have socks.

Well it is time to go, I just wanted to share my joy and picture of my project from yesterday.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Show & Tell

I thought I should share some pictures.

Here is the new monitor

And the new baby pants

Twenty One Days? Any one still out there?

I spent a whole bunch of time scouring the internet for a lace pattern because I have a pattern for a baby sweater that is incomplete as the author took another author's lace pattern and I don't have that book. I really liked the design too. I would love to see the book before buying it though. Eh, I found one that will work for now.

I finished some baby bell bottom pants that are so cute. I am really happy with them. There are a few things I might have changed, but for the most part they are super!

I had a good weekend. I didn't do a whole lot of stuff. I finished up the pants yesterday and today I didn't do much of anything at all except watch some stuff on the dvr and scour the internet. I am putting the scarf down for a little while because it is kind of boring me. I will pick it up again though...sometime down the line. I need to figure out what I want to knit next. I think I will look through some of my patterns and find something. I am thinking socks would be a good thing to work on. I have some great sock yarn, I just need to get over my fear of picking up stitches.

This is my first entry typed on my new fatty computer. This monitor is to die for. I so love it. It is perfect, I can see what I am doing and I don't feel like I am a million miles away. Now, to get used to the keyboard a little more.

I bought two new pairs of pants today. There was a sweater I wanted, but the one that was in my size in the style I liked had a hole in it and I wasn't down with that.

I have the SAG awards on in the background and let me say that I am so happy that Brangelina did not win. I don't think highly of them as actors. Just wanted to get that out there.

Do you ever read someone's blog and think, "why does this person insist on committing TMI?" Yeah, there is a blog I read and there is way too much sharing of stuff I don't need to know about.

I am watching Confessions of a Teen Idol on VH1 and I really like it. I don't generally watch reality tv, but I am enjoying this show. I left it on the channel a little too long and Rock of Love Tour Bus came on and the "girls" were supposed to get "dressed up" and well they basically teased their hair, put on 8 gallons of makeup, some high heals and went out in their slutty underwear. It was disgusting. There was a clip of a woman who claimed to have three children at home and was worried about what they were going to think if word got back to them. Uh, I think they will think there mother is a cheap, dirty, whore who cares more about being on television then staying home and being a mother!

I had leftover salad for dinner. It did not satisfy and the pizza doesn't sound good, I am going to have to go find something to eat. Maybe a better cheddar.

Well I guess that is my update. Still getting used to this whole new computer thing and trying to find my favorites and load them in. But, I love it too.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Cheesits! Where Have I Been?

On Friday, I had a huge entry typed up, but then as sometimes I do, decided not to post it. I had told myself that I would try to post daily this year, but then I didn’t post anything on the 1st or the 2nd or the 3rd. This is why I don’t make resolutions. I don’t believe in them. There are some things that I want to do differently this year, but I do not call them resolutions. I could start them at any time, doesn’t have to necessarily be the 1st of the year. I want to change my health habits, but I am not starting until tomorrow. I want to be more fiscally organized. I am starting that with Friday’s payday. I want to knit almost daily, but I didn’t knit yesterday and I have not yet knitted today. I want to read a book a week. I finished a book tonight. I wanted to organize my patterns, I did that today. Things that I want to do and I would have started sooner, but life gets hectic and just when I think I was in a place where I thought I could start doing things, stuff happened. My friend and coworker moved away and got married, I took on her work. I hurt my back and let it go for weeks and finally went to PT. I bought a Nintendo DS and became addicted and let my knitting slide. Things happen. I am just going to try to adapt to them. I want to read a book a week and knit, then I have to take time away from something else and that is going to be sleeping. I want to exercise, I have to take time away from something else and that is my “decompression” time. Not really taking away, but doing it in a different way. It will all work out.

So, this year has been okay so far. I wouldn’t say great, although it certainly hasn’t been awful. I did take a nice tumble on the ice yesterday and banged my head off the house. Thankfully, I don’t think I sustained any brain damage.

I got my journal swap on Friday. I did three swaps this season. I did the Whoduknit Holiday Swap (I sent, I never received), I did the Ravelry Journal Swap and I did Open Diary’s Secret Santa. I love doing swaps and I am signed up to do the January Snow Swap in the Monthly Dishcloth Swappers group. I am almost ready to mail. I need to check on my partner and then see what I have. I have to block some dishcloths.

So I won a little money in the last few weeks and I am trying to decide what to do with it. I don’t need anymore clothes. Well I could use some pants, but they are near impossible to find that fit correctly and are comfortable. I had a huge cart filled at Knit Picks, but emptied it and am contemplating starting again and making an order. I could just dump it into savings and save it for a trip or for the yarn and needles I want. I just don’t know what to do.

I need to get my new year’s cards sent. I think I will set a goal that I have to do two a night, starting tomorrow. Tonight I will print the address labels for them.

I want to do a care package for my friend that moved away. I fear that she is lonely. I get emails from her almost daily and she just seems so alone and in need of friends. She left a lot when she moved away and I want to send her a little something. I think I will knit her up a hat and get her some slipper socks and some scrapbooking stuff.

I guess I should get going. I want to cast on a scarf, but I need to look up the pattern repeat I want to use. I will have to swatch it to see how it will turn out. Plus, Superstars of Dance is on and I thought I would check it out. I am so happy that shows start up again tomorrow. There are so many unanswered questions on some of my shows.