DePhoMo Me

So, I have been around, I just haven’t been posting here, but I am going to try to do better. Another site I am on is doing DePhoMo (December Photo Month). It is one picture every day for the month of December. They give you a challenge, but you do not have to take it, as long as you post a picture taken by you or with you in it, it counts. I have posted the following three pictures this month…

Something that represents you - Disco Knitting

Something old - Vintage Mokey Fraggle
Something new - My new purse

In other news things are just crazy at work. I am super busy, which is good because it makes the time go by really fast. I can't remember if I mentioned that my co-worker up and got married and moved away. They haven't replaced her yet, so I am doing my job and her job, but it is going pretty okay so far.

The boys are doing well. They are still going through the terribles. We are now into year three, and they say by year four they are supposed to be magically well behaved. Last night Cooper got into some of my Christmas bags and pulled out an M&M tube that was to go into a gift. I now have to replace that. The only bright side is that we got to eat the M&Ms because he didn't get to them. He was working on the packaging and plastic case when I noticed what he had. I am almost scared to say that Elliott has been quite well behaved the past few weeks. I am sure I just shot myself in the foot.

I have finished the reading wrap I was knitting for my aunt. I will lightly block it and then it will be done. I may add a pin to it, to add a little something extra.

I need to get the wrapping done for my sister's family. I have everything, I just need to wrap it. I have everything for my swaps except an ornament. I am going to get that on Saturday. Then I will package everything up and get it sent out.

I am going to start work soon on a scarf. I found a Yarn Harlot pattern that looks quite lovely. She used a varigated yarn, and I am going to use a solid, but I think it will still look nice and be warm.

I gave up on doing socks this year for people. I just don't need the stress. Maybe for their birthdays they will get socks...or not. I have a sock on the needles right now, and I will pick it up again after Christmas.

I am in the market for some nice Aran weight yarn that is cheap. I need to make another Reader's Wrap and it takes a lot of yarn. I used six skeins of Vanna for my aunts. I probably could have knit another inch or three of pattern before the border and bind off, but I did what the directions said. I did leave the pockets off. Like I said, I will see what it is like after trying to block it. It's acryllic, but I think it will still block a little. I should do that tonight.

New television programming is becoming scarce. No new Bones until January, same with One Tree Hill, 90210, and I am sure some others I watch.

Well I should get back to all that work I have to do, just wanted to update and I will try to be better at posting!


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